When your tires continually lose air or go flat despite there appearing to be nothing wrong with them, it can be annoying. Finding the reason why your tires are losing air, however, is not always simple. Occasionally tire air loss is caused by a bent rim rather than the tires themselves.

Nigerian roads are terrible and not what one would call tire friendly. That is why finding a very good tire to travel on these roads is very important. 

What then, if your tires keep losing air, should you do it? If you notice that one or more tires are losing air, you should check them for punctures, damage to the tire sidewall, a broken valve stem, or a damaged tire bead. Your tires could lose air as a result of damage to your wheels.

What can you do if a tire is currently losing air now that you are aware of the potential causes of tire deflation? How should a gradual leak in a tire be repaired? What is the most effective technique to identify the root cause of your tire’s air loss? Here are answers to these and other questions.

What Leads to Tire Air Loss?

  • Punctured tire

A punctured tire is one of the most frequent causes of a car tire that keeps losing air. On the road, nails and screws are rather simple for your tires to pick up.

Your tires could be punctured on the road by any sharp object, which would cause them to lose air. If the puncture is significant, your tire may occasionally lose air quickly, but if it is little and the nail or screw is still embedded in the tire tread, the air leak may be gradual.

  • Wheel rims that are bent or damaged

A broken wheel rim is another frequent cause of a tire that keeps losing air and falling flat. The outer lip or rim of your wheels should be completely sealed off by your tires. Your tires may have difficulties adequately sealing around the wheel if you hit a pothole or other significant bump and bend your wheels.

  • Defective Tire

Debris on the road can harm more than just your wheels; it can harm your tires as well.

Your tires are made to form a seal around the lip of your wheel and keep the air inside. Your tires may also lose air if the bead on them sustains damage from roadside debris.

  • Used Tires

Moreover, tires might deteriorate to the point of going flat. Your tires may begin to wear abnormally on the inside or outside if you haven’t had your car’s alignment changed in a while. If this type of wear is permitted to continue for an extended period of time, the metal underlying the tire tread may eventually be exposed. Your tires will need to be replaced quickly when this occurs since the likelihood of a blowout increases significantly.

How Can I Tell If My Tire Is Leaking?

Using water to search for the leak is the simplest approach to finding out whether your tire has a slow leak. To accomplish this, you would want to take the suspect wheel off your car. Check to see if you can hear or see air escaping from your tire by using a bucket of water to splash water onto the tread.

If there is a tire puncture, you should be able to see air bubbles or hear air escaping from the tire. If there are no signs of an air leak in the tread of the tire, you should inspect the sidewalls of the tire to see if there are any signs of air escaping from the sidewall using the same technique as sprinkling water on the tire.

You should focus on the valve stem if you are unable to find the air leak using water on the tire tread or tire sidewall. If the valve stem is broken or malfunctioning, air may escape from the tire as it is inflated. Check the valve stem that is attached to your tire to see if the air is escaping. To make the task easier, spray water on the valve stem to reveal air bubbles that are escaping.

You should get the valve stem replaced if you can hear or feel air escaping from the stem. Most tire shops offer reasonably priced valve stem replacements for tires.

How Should I Handle a Slow Leak in My Tire?

Depending on the cause of the air leak in your tire in the first place, you have a few different alternatives for fixing the leak.

You can have your tire mended if the leak resulted from a puncture in the tread to prevent it from happening again in the future.  If you’ve previously had your tires patched and you can’t see any issues with your tires, it’s possible that the patch has to be reapplied because it is deteriorating. But most Mechanix would tell you just to buy another one in this case because patching up tired is quite expensive..

How To Prevent Being Stranded From a Low Tire Pressure?

Most people know that driving without air in their tires would damage their wheels and tires.  But the good news is that you can take action to help keep you from getting stranded with a flat tire.

Having a spare tire cannot be overemphasised, that is why most vulcanises are almost available in areas, you won’t be ideal stuck or stranded in this case. 

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to take a long drive if you had a nail in your tire. Yet, it can at least keep you on the road long enough to have your tire fixed without having to replace your current tire with a new one.

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