This Is Why The Keke Napep Is Worth N1.6 Million In Nigeria

Keke Maruwa In Nigeria
Keke Maruwa In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, the Keke Napep has become one of the most lucrative sources of income for many. This high demand for Keke Napeps has also impacted the increase in price for this vehicle. In Nigeria today, the average price of a Keke Napep is N1.6 million, making it even more expensive than most old model vehicles.

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But why does the Keke Napep tricycle cost this much in Nigeria? In this article, we share some of the reasons why the Keke Napep is expensive in Nigeria.

How The Keke Napep Came Into Nigeria

The first time Keke Napep came to Nigeria was through the former military governor of Lagos, Mohammed Buba Marwa. It was this that gave it the name “Keke Marwa.” However, it gradually faded away before the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, brought it back through the poverty alleviation scheme called NAPEP.

Why The Keke Is Worth N1.6 Million In Nigeria

Nigerian Keke Napep - Innoson Introduces IVM-Branded Tricycles

The Keke is somewhere between motorcycles and cars with its three legs. It has a semi-comfy interior that accommodates its passengers. Driving the Keke is like manual driving, as every part of the driving process is controlled by hand.

The handle of the Keke is connected to the front tire, which does the navigating work. The start button, the throttle, and the break are all connected to the handlebars. The handle is mainly Keke’s powerhouse.

The interesting thing about Keke is that they can manoeuvre any road regardless of road traffic. Even roads that motorcycles cannot comfortably pass through, these Keke can comfortably. 

The Keke is also easy to maintain, as its low maintenance and can move through every route while still providing public transporters in Nigeria semi-comfort. However, for maximum profit, it’s best the owner drives the Keke.

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