Things You Should Know Before Boarding any Plane in Nigeria

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Flying on an aeroplane for the first time can be an exciting, life-changing adventure. But it can also be incredibly stressful.

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Most time flight in Nigeria is considered for the rich only but somethings one can decide the take the trip, as travelling on roads now are more dangerous with a high risk of being kidnap, or taken by money ritual.

There is a popular saying ” Flight 100,000, road trip 10 million to 100 million depending the kidnappers that took you”, meaning its more cheap and safe in using aeroplane trip for all your travel than using road trip that supposed to be from 10,000 to 20,000 depending the part of Nigeria you are going to.

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Air travel has increased in recent time especially this 2022, even flight ticket has increased 100% many times yet plane always gets a complete passenger.

Lets dive in some tips you need to know before making your first plan in air travels

  • Purchase of flight ticket

the first thing to do when planning on your air travel is purchasing a flight ticket, this can be done online via different channels, either from the airline website or online tickets vendors like Wakanow and Travelstart, have in mind that booking from the airline website or app will be cheaper than booking from tickets vendors as they will always be a service charge fee. Eg if you want to travel with Air peace, visit and enter your location and destination to proceed or check Air Peace Online Booking And How To Book Cheap Flights

  • Photo Identification

After packing your luggage for the travel don’t forget your ID, as you must present valid photo identification at physical check-in and boarding gates before you will be allowed in, All passengers on Regional and International Flights must present a valid International Passport and valid visa (where applicable) at physical check-in and boarding gates.

  • Check-in

Physical check-in begins 3 hours (on Domestic Flights), 4 hours (on Regional Flights) and 6 hours (on International Flights) prior to the scheduled Flight departure and closes 45 minutes (on Domestic Flights), 60 minutes (on Regional Flights) and 75 minutes (on International Flights) before scheduled Flight departure. Boarding on Domestic Flights closes 15 minutes before Flight departure while boarding on Regional and International Flights closes 20 minutes before Flight departure.

Inline with POST COVID 19 protocols, all passengers are expected to wear a proper face mask all through the time of travel from check-in to arrival.

How To Start An Airport Shuttle Business In Nigeria
How To Start An Airport Shuttle Business In Nigeria
  • Fees

All fees charged are in accordance with the tariff rules in the country of sale. Payment error issues are resolved by the customer’s bank, not the Airline. This is in line with the applicable regulations. The Airline can at best direct customers’ complaints to its bank.

  • Checked-in Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance on Domestic Flights: 20kg in Economy Class and 40kg in Business. Baggage in excess of the specified weight is subject to a fee of N500 per kilogram to be paid at the Airport. EFFECTIVE FROM 1ST SEPTEMBER 2022, 15kg in Economy Class and 30kg in Business. Baggage in excess of the specified weight is subject to a fee of N1000 per kilogram to be paid at the Airport.

Baggage Allowance on Regional Flights: 30kg in Economy Class and 40kg in Business Class EXCEPT FOR DAKAR which is 42kg in Economy Class and 50kg in Business Class. Baggage in excess of the specified weight is subject to a fee of $6 per kilogram to be paid at the Airport.

Infants pay 10% of the adult ticket fare in all Classes and are entitled to a maximum of 10kg of luggage in either Economy class or Business Class. This infant luggage can be checked-in or used as carry-on Cabin baggage.

  • Passengers and Baggages

All passengers must ensure baggage is locked with names and addresses placed outside and inside of baggage.

Valuables as well as medicine should be carried with passengers on board.

  • Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are required to present a medical report certifying them fit to fly while the pregnancy carriage limit on Air Peace flights is 28 weeks.

  • Infants

Infants pay 10% of the adult ticket fare in all classes. We have unfortunately seen instances of children being booked as infants. Consequently, you may be asked to prove the age of your infant and if it’s not satisfactorily proven, boarding will not be allowed.

  • Cancellation of Reservations

Passengers are required to cancel reservations whenever there is a change of plans as failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the return Journey.

  • Ticket Validity

Full fare Paid Tickets are valid for 1 year but are subject to modification fees if booked flights are not cancelled before dating of departure.

  • Change of Flight Date

The destination, flight dates and times are changeable up to 2 hours before scheduled departure upon payment of a modification fee and any difference in fare at the time the change is made. If the available fare is lower on the new flight, no refund will be made.

Name Change

The name change is not permitted on issued tickets.

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