When looking for a good SUV to buy in 2023, you must consider the price, rating, and model of the SUV you desire.

However, it’s equally important to look at the performance of the SUV you want to buy to ensure the best driving experience after you’ve gotten it.

5 Questions To Ask The Dealer Before Buying An SUV

Part of the car buying process is asking relevant questions about the car you’re buying, which also applies to SUVs. For instance, electric cars are still quite new to the market, so there are a series of questions you’ll throw at the dealer before you buy from them. The same goes for SUVs. As such, here are the five most important questions to ask when buying an SUV.

  1. Do I Really Need An SUV?

The essence of this question is to determine the core reason why you’re getting an SUV in the first place. So, first, ask yourself if you really need the SUV you are buying.

Sure, SUVs look nice and all of that, but they have amazing luxury features and can fit all your kids. However, do you really need a big, powerful, and luxurious SUV just for the sake of its looks? If your current car can contain your children comfortably and serves you well, you don’t necessarily need an SUV for the job.

  1. What Kind Of Tow Rating Do I Need?

SUVs are built mostly for their towing capabilities. So, if that’s the reason why you’re getting one, then you’ll want to know the towing rating of your chosen SUV. SUVs like the Honda Pilot and Passport tow up to 5,000 pounds, while bigger SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade tow up to 8,300 pounds. Keep this in mind when buying.

  1. How Many Seats Do I Need?

This is a question some buyers tend to overlook when buying their SUVs. Do you have more than two kids and expecting more? Then a three-row SUV could be a better option. If you have a big family, consider the number of seats and the seating capacity of your favourite SUV before buying.

  1. What Kind Of Safety Features Am I Looking For?

Another important thing to look out for is the safety features of your preferred SUV. Safety is important if your SUV will be functioning as a family car. Also, note that some of the most important safety features are often available in the higher trims of most SUVs. 

  1. How Important Is Fuel Efficiency To Me?

Note that most sedans have great fuel efficiency than most SUVs, except if you’re going for a plug-in hybrid. Some SUVs like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, or the Subaru Foster can actually get up to 30 mpg or more on the highway.

But, if you’re getting a bigger SUV, expect the fuel efficiency level to drop.


When buying an SUV, shop wisely. There are many SUVs of different sizes, shapes, and designs. Always take time to figure out what you want from one, and do not go for what everyone else is encouraging you to get.

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