These 3 SUVs Will Start Giving Problems Before 100,000 Miles

2010 ford explorer
2010 ford explorer

When buying a car, you would have to take some things into consideration, and thankfully for you, we have gone through the trouble of creating different buying guides for different cars, which would ease you into the prices of buying a car and also shopping for one.

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You can trust to give the best when it comes to your car’s content. Well, we are here to tell you about the SUVs that will start giving you problems after 100,000 miles. 

Nigerians want cars that would last them for a long time; if you spend such a high amount on a car, you would want to get your resources back with the usage. But if the car starts acting up and you have to stop using it just after three years of buying it, it can feel like you wasted your money. And the funniest thing about it is that most Nigerians like having their cars used, so that means it already has some well-used mileage punched into them. If you buy a car with 70,000 miles on it and it gets to 100,000 miles, the car starts giving you a headache.

Won’t you feel cheated? Many people dream of having an SUV because it provides a good ride height and an even better drive, but these cars can be more problematic and even more expensive to maintain than your regular sedan. Most SYVs come with their own problems but imagine driving a car for just 100,000 miles before it starts having more dangerous issues than some.

When the cars you would usually see last up to over 240,000 miles without much issue, it would make you feel perplexed. That is why, when choosing a car, you choose the right one, and if you can’t buy it yourself, you ask us to buy it for you. You use our best feature CarMart BUY4ME and we would get you the best car that won’t give you any trouble.  If you are ready to find the SUVs that start giving you problems at 100,000 miles, continue reading this blog to find out how. 

The Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV that is susceptible to developing issues quickly

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser
2015 Toyota Land Cruiser

This is a very popular SUV in Nigeria, where many love its ability to drive off-road and give the feeling of luxury, but the 2015 model of this car isn’t so great that it deserves praise. Many owners will tell you about the problems that affect the car before it even reaches the early 80,000 mark, with early gearbox problems and jerky shifting among the most often mentioned problems.

Drivers bemoan the car’s tendency to slip out of gear, the reliability of the electronic shifting, and the poor performance of the shifting mechanism. Thus, a car is meant to drive through bad roads; imagine if it starts malfunctioning; it would be disastrous. The electronic shifting issue, which can appear as early as 12,000 miles, is one of the biggest issues. It will typically cost roughly N100,000 to fix, making it an expensive issue to deal with upfront. There have also been some issues.  It was usual for things like the dashboard to fail, the touch screen to malfunction, and the heated seats to stop operating.

The Ford Explorer is another SUV that may experience problems before it should

2010 ford explorer
2010 ford explorer

Everyone loves a strong Ford, but sometimes they really shouldn’t. The SUV can develop issues after 100,000 miles, which I’d usually consider very problematic,

Engine troubles with the 2010 Ford Explorer are among the most common problems with the car. Specifically, excessive oil consumption, unpredictable power, rough idling, and noise during startup Depending on the problem, the average repair expense is very high and will be even higher if it isn’t dealt with quickly. The average mileage was still quite high, at 102,900 miles.

One of the major issues drivers encountered was transmission failure, with an average mileage of only 86,000. While not all 2010 Explorers have this issue, it is one of the SUVs that could potentially experience issues at 100,000 miles or earlier.

Other faults include a broken radio, a heated ignition switch, and faulty power locks. They don’t spell the end of the world, but they certainly make things more annoying.

It is best to avoid the 2013 Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape
2013 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is riddled with engine problems, like the Explorer. Thus, there is a higher problem that can easily make you spend your money on it. 

The company has advised you to stop driving your car right away if it’s one of the recalled models. The engine could catch fire if the gasoline system leaks when there is an ignition source nearby. The classic SUV, the 2013 Ford Escape, can develop issues at 100,000 miles or earlier.

In the big picture, these SUVs that can develop issues early can be fairly simply avoided. Bad apples are less common now that consumers place such a high value on reliability.

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