Do you love the Honda CR-V and want to purchase a used one but are unsure of where to begin? Then we are here for you. One of the most popular mini-SUVs on the Nigerian market is the CR-V. Regardless of the model’s manufacturing year, auto experts highly commend the CR-V, calling it one of the most reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. The vehicle has a sophisticated and appealing exterior, as well as several practical and up-to-date amenities for the driver.

Honda CR-V Hybrid
Honda CR-V Hybrid

But not everyone has the good fortune to discover an affordable, reliable old automobile. You may utilize these suggestions to inspect a used Honda CR-V and bargain at the best possible price.

Examine the car’s details

You need to be well informed about the car you plan to purchase before visiting the dealership, including the version of the vehicle and its basic features. When approaching your car at an old car dealership or purchasing it from a friend, doing some research ahead can help you have a better grasp of the situation in general. From there, you may quickly identify the vehicle’s flaws and ask the seller detailed questions. You can eventually make the choice to buy or not buy.

Find a trustworthy company that buys used cars

Old-car dealers, websites, and social media platforms all specialize in selling used vehicles. But you can’t just put all your faith in them. Asking knowledgeable buyers for recommendations is the best way to identify a company with a solid reputation. is a good place to begin your search, with our new feature Carmart BUY4ME, we take the stress off your hands and do the search for the best car that fits your budget. 

Buying Guide For Honda CR-V

  • Visually inspect the vehicle 

It is essential to visit a used car dealership with a knowledgeable buyer, ideally a qualified technician. They ought to be able to offer an insightful and beneficial evaluation regarding the state of the vehicle. Additionally, it will stop the salespeople from wooing you and pressuring you to buy the car without giving it much thought. The Honda CR-V is a compact car that would usually not come with lots of issues, so this buying guide will help you. 

  • Exterior 

Check the condition of the Honda CR-Vmbody all around it to see if there are any ripples or convex surfaces. A common problem with that the CR-V, which most buyers complain about is that the exterior is susceptible to scratches and rust around the tire wheels. If there is, the car has probably been rebuilt, so you should back out of this trade right now. Next, check the car’s balance to see if it is tilted or if any of its four corners have been bent. Because the vehicle still bears the scars of the accident(s) it was involved in or perhaps a fault results in the wheel bearing breaking.

Turn on all external lights on the Honda CR-V, including the headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and additional lights like fog lamps. Check them out closely to see whether they are scratched or faded out. Next, examine the car’s undercarriage, including the chassis and tires. You might request that the dealer raise the vehicle and place it on a bridge so you can thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s undercarriage. 

If you want to track more precisely, use a flashlight. The engine has experienced problems in the past if there is an oil or water leak. Check the rubber shaft of the shaft and the rear axle to make sure they are both rounds. This shaft is damaged in the event of cracks and oil leaks, and you are responsible for the high repair costs.

  • Interior 
2020 Honda CR-V Interior
2020 Honda CR-V Interior

Examine all of the interior car components, such as the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and other features like the music system and air conditioning. Additionally, you should inspect the brake disc’s rotor in order to check the brakes. The disc’s surface should be smooth and devoid of grooves. The Honda CR-V is not a luxury car, and you should expect some shedding of the car seats or even the dashboard melting off in some areas, but this issue should not be persistent. 

  • Take a trip

Once you have evaluated the outside and inside of the CR-V, consider giving it a test drive to verify the state of the car. Two is usually better than one, so you can hire someone with expertise to take the wheel. Their expertise might be helpful to you when you make your purchase.

  • Price Negotiation 
If You Don’t Buy The 2023 Honda CR-V, See What You are Missing Out
If You Don’t Buy The 2023 Honda CR-V, See What You are Missing Out

To ensure you won’t be taken in by the seller’s deception, it is crucial to investigate the Honda CR-V price in Nigeria before negotiating the price. Most car purchasers regret not asking for a lower price. Keep in mind this psychological ploy: when haggling, always request the price first. The year of the used Honda CR-V is a factor that you should consider when buying the car. You may use to see the different listings of the Honda CR-V available for sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is a 2016 Honda CR-V in Nigeria?

The price for a 2016 Honda CR-V has been evaluated to cost N7,000,000. 

Is the Honda CR-V a good car to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, this Honda SUV has long provided strong acceleration, cosy seating, a comfortable ride, and decent fuel economy. For the next model year, the 2023 Honda CR-V SUV continues the legacy of dependability, quality, and optimal size. If you’re searching for a small crossover that offers you a little bit of everything, this Honda SUV is a terrific choice


Even if you are happy with an old CR-V, there are still a few small issues that require repair or replacement. You should negotiate who will be responsible for that expense with the vendor.

Once you and the seller have come to an agreement, ask the seller to complete the relevant paperwork, including the sales contract, confirmation record of the delivery of the cars, sales letter, and documentation on both sides. The seller’s address and the specifics of the car must be stated properly in all paperwork. 

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