The Most Expensive Traffic Offences Fines You Can Pay In Nigeria

The Most Expensive Traffic Offences Fines You Can Pay In Nigeria
The Most Expensive Traffic Offences Fines You Can Pay In Nigeria

What are the most expensive traffic offence fines you can pay in Nigeria??

It is without a doubt that we can say that Nigerians don’t take traffic offences as seriously as they should. The average Nigerian driver commits at least one traffic offence every day without almost any repercussion, and this is just the bare minimum of running a traffic light or cutting lanes recklessly. Most of these offences are considered everyday occurrences, and as such, being fined for a traffic offence almost always leads to an argument. 

Who do we blame for the nonchalant attitude of drivers towards paying time for their misdeeds on the road, the lawmakers or the enforcers who we believe look the other way, or are the drivers to be blamed for not abiding by the set down law? Why people keep avoiding the law or going against it, especially when it comes to road obedience, can lead to distortions and calamities that can result in a number of casualties. Recently, a fatal accident occurred where a train and a BRT bus collided, resulting in deaths and many injuries. Most times, we would see unstable and worn-down trucks carrying the heaviest load to the point of slipping on bridges, or the vicious lanes cutting and overspeeding; the confounding lack of adherence to traffic laws would ultimately lead to an offence or accident. Being law-abiding is one way to check this norm.

Traffic offences are sometimes considered the lowest level of crime because, if accidents don’t occur or even when they do, people are not hurt. Most times, you would see the bumpers of cars smashed and the drivers of the cars get into a quarrel, but law enforcement wouldn’t do anything to calm the matter down; instead, they would overlook the situation unless it benefited them one way or another. Most people aren’t aware that there are some traffic offences that can be committed that can really eat into your pockets, and we don’t mean the N10,000 or N25,000 you exclaim about; these offences can be fined N100,000 and above, and if not paid, can lead to imprisonment. If you are curious about these crimes so that you won’t commit them, then continue reading this post. 

  • Driving Under the Influence 

Everyone is aware of the most common traffic rule, which is “don’t drink and drive.” I am sure that it is quite funny that this traffic law still exists in Nigeria because anyone who enters public transport is quite aware that most of the drivers of Danfo buses are known to carry their favourite gin beside them while driving. The normality of the act doesn’t derail that; it is one of the most serious driving offences in the country because a befuddled person is very dangerous behind the wheel, but law enforcement doesn’t seem to take the law seriously like drivers, and as such, it is a high-committed offence. But did you know that if you manage to get caught in Lagos State under the influence of alcohol and other substances, you can be fined N100,000 and be imprisoned? Even if you aren’t, you might be asked to do one of the community service or programs instead. So stay away from anything dangerous while you are behind the wheel. 

  • Assault or Attempt to Assault a Traffic Officer 

We are sure we have all seen the video or heard the audio from the popular Asake song, which begins with “Help me! Help me!, Dem dey carry me to go where I don’t know.” Would you believe that this was actually a LASTMA official being driven away by “alleged” traffic offenders, and she, in a bid to stop them, climbed into their car? Well, you might want to cry with outrage over that; how can a law enforcement official just enter someone’s car like that? You need to be informed that when law enforcement sees you commit an offence, even if it is a traffic offence, they are within their authority to stop you from escaping culpability. When next a traffic official signals you to park, don’t fuss, do what is asked of you. An attempt to assault or instigate an issue can get you imprisoned while you still pay a fine, and if you do assault them, you haven’t just committed a traffic offence but an actual crime that can get you imprisoned for up to three years with a fine of N500,000

  • Driving Without Full Headlights At Night

You might hiss at this offence because it is highly committed, but do you know if you are caught doing this, it can cost you N50,000 to pay as a fine? Headlights are made not only to protect you but also to protect others. Whenever it is dark, it might be difficult to see little bumps and drops on the road, so if your headlight is in need of replacement, you should take it to a mechanic. 

  • Abandoning your vehicle on the highway

This isn’t a common occurrence because people are aware that leaving a cat on the highway can lead to quite a number of damages to their cat, but some actually do it, and if you are caught, you can be asked to pay a fine of N500,000 and can spend up to three months in jail. That is why parking close to a highway is dangerous—not to even talk of leaving your cat on the highway, which is even more dangerous.

Traffic offences should be one thing that drivers come together to stop, with a deep understanding that committing these offences can lead to many casualties and damages. Traffic officials should try to do their jobs without partiality and fine whoever commits these offences.

We have listed some of the most expensive traffic offence fines you might be asked to pay in Nigeria if you commit any of them. Please ensure you are aware of traffic laws and try to abide by them as much as possible. 

Written by Carmart Team

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