A recent video that surfaced online shows how an Abuja resident outran FRSC officials who were trying to seize his vehicle for committing traffic offences.

From the video, the driver of the black-coloured sedan attempted to stop while the FRSC officer alighted to impound his vehicle. On second thought, the driver immediately drove off. The video also shows attempts made by the FRSC officials to obstruct his movement and stop him from driving away, but the driver beat them to the game and quickly drove off while the FRSC official joined traffic.

This took place along Durumi, Abuja. Since the video surfaced online, many Nigerians have reacted to the drama between the driver and the FRSC officials

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

“Who wants to be respecting all these officials. They have lost all their respect abge. This election proved that the are as common as normal citizen. Abeg shift.”

“This habit of FRSC pursuing traffic offenders is becoming too risky, it can lead to a series of accidents. I have noticed the FRSC level of pursuit is alarming in Abuja right now.”

“It’s a normal thing in Abuja, almost all of us don do this thing…Mad cruise.”

“Just me and 3 others are normal in this Abuja.”

“Abuja wide roads makes it easy to stunt in the city…Lagosians can never.”

“In a sane society, all the FRSC needed is your plate number and you will collekt but here, they will want to pursue you for the immediate stomach infracture.”

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