The Lamborghini Huraćan Sterrato is one Lamborghini car that can go further off the beaten track than any other Lamborghini car. Yet, the supercar still comes with its limitations. To manage the limitations, Lamborghini has added a Lamborghini Huraćan Sterrato bicycle to help out.

That’s where Lamborghini steps in with the Lamborghini gravel bike.

When the Sterrato has gone as far as it can, the Lamborghini bike is there to continue the journey and take you further ahead.

The Lamborghini Bicycle
The Lamborghini Bicycle

To create this two-wheeled Lamborghini vehicle, the brand teamed up with 3T for the creation. The bike is based on the brand new Lamborghini Huraćan Sterrato, and you can tell just by looking at it.

The bicycle has been built with carbon fibre and injected with RTM resin to create its aerodynamic structure.

And just like its namesake, it is painted in the iconic matte Verde Gea with black and orange accents.

The bicycle’s name is Exploro X Huraćan Sterrato, which is priced at $15,000.

The Lamborghini Huraćan Sterrato Watch

The Lamborghini Huraćan Sterrato Watch
The Lamborghini Huraćan Sterrato Watch

Celebrating this off-roading Lamborghini, the brand also teamed up with Roger Dubuis to create a Huraćan Sterrato watch.

The wristwatch is called the Excalibur Spider Huraćan Sterrato Monobalancier. It was unveiled at Art Basel in Miami this week.

The Lamborghini wristwatch mixes bright orange, yellow, and black camo. The Roger Dubuis seamlessly matches the Sterrato that Lamborghini first teased to the world.

According to Roger Dubuis, they say the timepiece is “built for all-terrain adventures,” just like the supercar itself.

The Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini Squadra Corse timepiece is crafted from hyper-tech materials, including carbon and titanium.

Powered by the RD630 calibre, it has a tilted balance wheel and twin barrels.”

The watchmaker is making only 28 pieces of this Lamborghini Huraćan watch, selling each at $66,500.

Now, you can get the Lamborghini Huraćan with the bike and the wristwatch, and Roger Dubuis also offer a helmet.

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