Cars are becoming even more expensive as the day goes by, especially since the Naira continues to devalue. A car sold for 5 million Naira a few months back could be clocking 7 – 8 million Naira in the Nigerian market, depending on the vehicle’s state. What this means for many Nigerians is that they can’t afford to spend such much on cars.

However, there are states in Nigeria where cars are likely cheaper to buy. In these places, you can get a car at a relatively lesser price than what most car dealers sell them for. Here are some of those states. 

  1. Kano State

Kano state has one of the booming Nigerian commerce centres in the country. It’s one of the good places to buy a car today at an affordable price. It’s not clear why cars are relatively cheaper in Kano. However, Northern Nigeria is known to be one of the places in the country where things are cheaper. So, if you want to strike a good bargain while buying a car, reach out to car dealers in Kano.

  1. Benin-City

Many Nigerians believe that Oredo in Benin-city, Edo state is one of the best places to buy a car at an affordable price. Many cars are shipped from foreign countries directly into Benin-city. Buyers who want affordable cars will find cars in Benin that are within their budget range.

  1. Lagos State

As the commercial hub of the country and the state with the current functioning port in the country, Lagos is also on the list of places in Nigeria where you can find affordable cars. These cars range from new to old. However, the more affordable ones are usually the fairly used version. There are also dealers who sell Nigerian-used cars in Lagos that are affordable for buyers.

  1. Anambra State

Anambra State in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria is the home of the largest automobile spare part market in West Africa. This also explains why most automobile plants in the country run their factories near this state. Some cars are manufactured locally in the state, while a few used and new ones are imported from outside the country. For new cars manufacturers like Innoson Motors manufacture and sell new and affordable cars.

  1. Kaduna

If you fail to get an affordable car in Kano, Kaduna is your next-stop option for affordable cars. Generally, many things are cheaper in Northern Nigeria than in other areas of the country. Most car owners in the North buy their cars in either Kano or Kaduna, and it’s not just because it’s closer to them but also because they’re affordable.

Cheapest Type of Cars You’ll Find In Nigeria

You’ll find three different categories of cars in the Nigerian car market. The categories any of these cars fall within determining their market price. They are;

  • New Cars
  • Tokunbo Used Cars
  • Nigerian Used Cars

New Cars

New cars are the never-before-driven versions of any car. These cars come straight from their manufacturers, and nobody has owned or driven them. In Nigeria, these categories of cars are often referred to as “tear rubber” cars because they come packaged and wrapped as new. Whoever buys the new car is basically the first owner of the car. Also, new cars that enter the country are the most expensive.

Tokunbo Used Cars

Tokunbo cars are fairly used models of various cars shipped from other countries and into Nigeria. Mainly, what makes them Tokunbo is that they’ve not been used in Nigeria; they are foreign and have been slightly used overseas before they entered the country.

Most of these Tokunbo cars are usually cheaper than their new models, and they often come as clean as the new ones that it can be a bit difficult to determine if they’ve been used before.

Nigerian Used Cars

6 Reasons Why Buying Nigerian Used Cars Is A Bad Idea
6 Reasons Why Buying Nigerian Used Cars Is A Bad Idea

From the name, it’s obvious that these are cars that Nigerian owners have previously driven on Nigerian roads. What makes these cars Nigerian used is that they’ve been driven in Nigeria before they were put up for sale. This category of cars is usually the cheapest compared to the new and Tokunbo cars. Sometimes, most people avoid buying them because they develop faults faster than other cars.


Generally, what determines how affordable a car is in Nigeria is the category the car you’re buying falls within. You can get a Nigerian used version of a 2018 Toyota Corolla cheaper than the new and Tokunbo versions. So, in most of these states where you’ll get cheap cars, it could easily be buying a Tokunbo car or a Nigerian-used car.

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