The Benefits Of Owning A Low Cost Vehicle In Lagos Nigeria

Super clean 2010 Toyota Corolla
Super clean 2010 Toyota Corolla

Owning low cost vehicles in Lagos will save you a lot of stress and leave some money in your pocket. Lagos is already an expensive state to live in so if you can go for the low cost maintenance vehicles that’ll help you reduce costs. 

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In Lagos, you’ll find out that many wealthy people drive luxury cars and these cars are easy to spot on the roads of Lagos. But the reality of many Lagosians is that they cannot afford most luxury cars. Apart from the fact that they are expensive, they are also costly to maintain. 

Now, if you’re living in Lagos and wondering why low cost vehicles are your best option, keep reading this article to find out more.

Importance Of Owning Low Cost Vehicles In Nigeria 

There are many benefits you’ll gain from owning and driving low cost vehicles in Lagos Nigeria. These vehicles save you in a lot of ways and below you’ll find out why you should keep using your low cost vehicle or why you should get a low cost vehicle today. 

  1. Low Cost Vehicles Are Easy To Maintain 

Owning a low cost vehicle saves you a lot of money when it comes to vehicle maintenance. They rarely develop issues and as such, you are less frequently visiting the mechanic shops in Lagos who’ll charge you exorbitant prices.

  1. Low Cost Vehicles Are Not Expensive Purchases

Low cost vehicles are generally less expensive compared to luxury vehicles in Lagos. With 3-10 million Naira, you can easily afford a low cost vehicle. Meanwhile, luxury vehicles will cost around 15-50 million Naira, which is a lot of money for most people.

  1. Low Cost Vehicles Help You Save Money 

Since you are not constantly spending on maintenance, that money is then channelled into anti-source—savings. The less you spend on a low cost car purchase as well, the more you have to save up for rainy days.

  1. Low Cost Vehicles Last Long

Most people think that because they’re low cost they don’t last long. That’s untrue. Majority of the low cost vehicle you’ll find in Nigeria are Toyota and Honda brands and these vehicles are known for their reliability and good mileage. 

  1. Low Cost Vehicles Often Have Good Market Value

Since low cost vehicles in Nigeria are mostly Toyota and Honda vehicles, it means that you’ll make back a lot of money when you resale the car. These cars already have great market value in Nigeria and even if it’s the 2000 Toyota Camry you’re selling, you’ll still make a good profit from the sale. 

Types of Low Cost Vehicles To Buy In Nigeria

Are you considering switching from a high-maintenance vehicle to a low cost one? If so, below are some of the vehicles in Nigeria that are low cost vehicles:

  • Tokunbo used models of Toyota Corolla
  • Tokunbo used models of Toyota Camry 
  • Tokunbo used models of the Honda Civic
  • Tokunbo used models of Toyota RA44
  • Tokunbo used models of Lexus RX
  • Tokunbo used models of Lexus ES
  • Tokunbo used models of Honda CR-V

What Makes A Vehicle A Low Cost Vehicle?

There are many factors that determine whether a vehicle is low cost or high maintenance. They include:

  • They are not luxury vehicles
  • They require little to no repair 
  • Their repair cost are usually less
  • There are available mechanics for these vehicles everywhere 
  • Their spare parts are available in the market, which makes them easy to get.


Low cost vehicles are one of the best vehicles you can own in Lagos Nigeria especially if you’re from a low income background and trying to save the cost of owning a car. The great thing is that they have good performance and they serve well but not as luxury vehicles will. 

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