Recently, there were reports based on the best car of 2008, the 2008 Toyota was a solid choice. Based on its durability and dependability, a used Toyota Highlander is the best for an economical used midsize SUV.

Which Toyota Highlander model year is the greatest, though, as not all have the same reputation?

Details and features for the 2008 Toyota Highlander

2008 Toyota Highlander with plate number
2008 Toyota Highlander with plate number

The 2008 Toyota Highlander is a midsize crossover SUV with optional third-row seating, all-wheel drive, and a powerful V6 engine that offers a practical combination of performance, sporty handling, and family-friendly seating, at least until the kids get bigger.

Dual-zone climate control, leather front seats with multiple heat settings, a power sunroof, back seat entertainment, and GPS are features of higher model levels. With 270 horsepower and 248 lb-ft of torque, the 3.5-litre V6 base engine achieves 24 mpg on the interstate and 18 mpg in the city. A hybrid variant is also available, which has better fuel efficiency. All trim levels have the option of four-wheel drive, which only reduced fuel efficiency in each case by one mpg.

What is the expected lifespan of a 2008 Toyota Highlander?

2008 Toyota Highlander side view
2008 Toyota Highlander side view

It’s likely that some of those vehicles continue to offer dependable transportation despite reaching 300,000 miles, given that reports that roughly one-in-eight Toyota Highlanders stay registered to the original owners for 15 or more years (second only to the Toyota Prius). The used 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited with 300,000 kilometres has a Fair Purchase Price of $9,359, for a used vehicle.

Is the Toyota Highlander reliable?

2008 Toyota Highlander back
2008 Toyota Highlander back

Based on feedback from 2008 Toyota Highlander customers, the Highlander had an above-average rating than other rivals. But, it also comes with some problems The 2008 Highlander has received the most owner-reported electronic-related complaints from Consumer Reports, such as the CD player locking up and the backup camera’s image flickering. Minor engine problems might include everything from faulty engine belts and idler pulleys to outdated software, according to complaints. Significant engine problems have been reported, including the need for cylinder head replacement.

Toyota Highlanders of the second generation are available from 2008 to 2013. the 2007 Highlander has the fewest owner-reported problems of the first generation. The best year for second-generation Highlanders is 2009, with second-generation complaints peaking in 2008.

2008 toyota highlander interior
2008 Toyota highlander interior

In the end, it seems that any year is a good year to buy a used Highlander, with the exception of the 2003 model year, which has a history of complaints about stripped engine bolt threads, and the 2015 model year, which has a history of complaints about uncomfortable seats.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Toyota Highlander an excellent SUV?

The Highlander is an excellent SUV. It has plenty of basic safety technology, comfortable seats for adults in the first two rows, and decent cabin materials. The Highlander’s powerful, fuel-efficient V6 engine, balanced handling, and comfortable ride also make for a great driving experience. The third row is only appropriate for children, and it isn’t as nimble as some of its competitors in the same class.

Is the Toyota Highlander a good car to buy in Nigeria?

Although there are many things to enjoy about the Highlander, you might want to start by comparing it to competitors like the Kia, Hyundai, or Mazda in the fiercely competitive midsize SUV segment. The Toyota could also be of interest to you.

2008 Toyota highlander interior
2008 Toyota highlander interior


If you are in the market for a good and reliable SUV and you are on a budget, the 2008 Toyota Highlander is a good choice for any buyer. You shouldn’t be bothered by the fact that it might be a decade old. it comes with adept features and it would make up for its age.

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  1. I totally agree with this Carmart review. I own a 2009 Highlander limited full option; most first time owners don’t know there’s a trim with more interior/4wd features than others. Once your mechanic can detect a fault in the highlander and fix it, you’re good and will never be frequent face in his workshop.
    Lastly, it has an unbelievable good resale value.

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