So you have a Corolla, now you want to maintain and keep it running to avoid unnecessary expenses and issues. It is important to maintain any system to avoid total breakdown and interruption, and evidently, build your trust and reliability in that system. From your air-conditioning system to your Toyota corolla, everything has small tips that could help keep the technician far. However, there is nothing as good as regular checkups and maintenance. Now, let us dive into the top ten tips to use on your Corolla.

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2020 Toyota Corolla XLE Sedan Exterior


1.Change engine oil as at when due

It is important to make sure the main lubricant is effective if you are to prevent a possible knock of your engine. With time, any engine oil will lose its effectiveness, therefore, make sure to change it even if it is still there.

2.Clean all filters; those matter than you think

Make effort to clean your engine, drivetrain, filters (fuel, engine, etc.) from accumulated dirt from fluids that pass through it. As long as the fluids such as engine oil don’t contain dirt, it will take time and therefore, it shouldn’t be a regular activity. However, it should be done as often as possible.

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3. Make sure all tires are inflated

One of the incidents that happen to people is a flat tire. Before you move out, make sure to check your tires and also make a monthly or biweekly appointment with the vulcanizer.

4. Check Tire Tread

Tire treads are those things that make the tires hold its grip on the road. Therefore, make sure you check those treads and if in doubt go to your technician or mechanic.

5. Jumper Cables are a must

In case you fall victim to a bad battery, you can simply get a jump from another driver. However, it is better to make sure you time your battery life and change before such incidents happen.

2021 Toyota Corolla Interior
2021 Toyota Corolla Interior

6. Check to make sure the battery is in contact.

You don’t want your car to stop suddenly because of partial contact. Everyone hates this, so make sure to check your battery contact regularly.

7. Follow the instructions

The instruction stated by the car manufacturer, which in this case is Toyota is important to follow to keep the life of your corolla. Keep a folder of all the information provided and regularly glance through them to learn something that would be specific to your model.

8. Car/DIY Kits are important

Sometimes we can carry out small operations ourselves, so it isn’t bad to have car kits to carry out these operations at home in our garage. Consequently, these small operations could and would most likely be beneficial to your car.

2021 Toyota Corolla, Pricing
2021 Toyota Corolla, Pricing

9. Of course, spares are needed

Certain spares are required by law and by every means, you could be in a certain situation your car shouldn’t be in for too long leading to more damages.

10. Make efforts to keep it clean

Cleaning your car goes a long way to keep your corolla life longer. Certain dirt can corrode the body of your corolla.


Maintenance is an essential part of owning any car. If you stay aware of the ordinary upkeep for your Toyota Corolla, you can anticipate that your vehicle should give you long difficult situations free execution.  You can maintain your vehicle at a Toyota seller or any approved help shop. While your vehicle is under warranty, it now and again bodes well to take it to the vendor for inspection. That way, both you and the seller have a record of fixes and upkeep for your vehicle.

Likewise, toward the start of every year, it can assist with stamping booked upkeep on your schedule. At that point, you’ll make sure to plan arrangements and stay aware of your Corolla’s wellbeing. If you get befuddled about whether to perform support utilizing the month to month plan or the mile-based timetable, basically use whichever one starts things out.

Keep definite records about your vehicle. Your Corolla accompanies a support log. You can occupy this out each time you have your vehicle overhauled, and you’ll have a helpful record of when the service was performed. Conscious efforts need to be made.

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