In a series of pictures and videos posted on Instagram on the 26th of April, 2022, comedian Casting Milli showcased a 2006 Lexus RX 330 as he surprised his father. In the caption, he says, “And I surprised my dad with this lovely car. Congrats, dad.”

Comedian Casting Milli, his father and the brand new car
Comedian Casting Milli, his father and the brand new car

Indeed, the comedian and brand influencer who goes by the birth name Okojie Elijah has joined the club of celebrities who randomly gift their parents and loved ones. Earlier last week, the comedian also shared pictures and videos of a finished bungalow he dedicated to his family. The post caption says, “It’s been God always. I dedicate this car to my lovely family.”

Since sharing pictures of the brand new car decorated with colourful balloons he bought, his dad, fans, and friends have taken to his social media comment section to congratulate him for the good deeds he’s been doing for his family.

The video also shows his father and mother dancing as he happily handed him the car key. 

Evidently, from the gifts he keeps showering his family, there’s still so much he plans to do for them in the future as his career grows. 

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