“Stop Running After My Car For Money,” Singer Portable Warns Fans

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Latest on the gist centering the fast rising Nigerian singer, Portable is his stern warning to his fans who keep running to his car for money. 

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Singer Portable on his recent car
Singer Portable on his recent car

Through an Instagram video, he warned his fans that they should stop running towards his car for money. He pointed out that most of these fans running after his car, begging for money go as far as breaking his car glass just to beg for money. 

This is coming weeks after his car was destroyed by fans, and days after the bike rider that was running after his car was hit and died on the spot.

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Singer Portable on his recent car
Singer Portable on his recent car

Portable noted that those people constantly running towards his car for money always come with an ulterior motive. He called them, “thieves and wicked souls.”

The singer has told them to go out and hustle if they need money. He has also pointed out that he won’t be giving money to such fans anymore.

The caption of the video read, 

“It’s now getting out of hand for people running after my car always when passing by. No more spraying of money because it’s turning to something else. If I want to show love, I’ll rather go to the village and help those grandmas and kids that really need support.”