According to a study released by S&P Global Mobility, Tesla is siphoning off customers from Toyota and Honda. The electric vehicle maker is also in the top five when it comes to retaining and attracting new customers. The study found that the majority of Tesla Model Y buyers are conquest salespeople who came from outside the brand.

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Almost 30% of Tesla buyers are coming from brands that are owned by either Toyota or Honda, which is a significant figure for both companies. Some of the most popular models that these brands sold were the Honda Accord, the Toyota CR-V, the Honda Odyssey, and the Lexus RX.

According to a study, the top five cars that Tesla Model 3 owners would most like to own are the Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, and the Nissan Rav4.

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Tesla Motors, Inc. has been a trailblazer within the electric automobile marketplace for years. From its humble origins, Tesla has turned out to be a force to be reckoned with. Now a family name, Tesla makes up a giant part of the EV marketplace worldwide (per Forbes). Its Supercharger community spans continents, and its CEO, Elon Musk, is a worldwide celebrity.

But what’s at the heart of this right here is the motor. Ignoring the hype and the tweets, motors are the reason Tesla exists and the most exciting issue, approximately. With a model number of 3 and improvements of up to three extra, Tesla automobiles look like they’re right here to say.

There are masses of Tesla detractors, and there is no shortage of feedback complaining that the construction is excellent –- massive panel gaps appear to be ubiquitous in terrible reviews –- however, there’s lots to like about the motors. While the rate of access is exceedingly excessive, income has been brisk nonetheless, and, when you have the cash, here are ten reasons to shop for a Tesla.

No fuel

10 Fuel Saving Tips that Every Car Owner Should Know
10 Fuel Saving Tips that Every Car Owner Should Know

At the heart of a Tesla is the electrical drivetrain. It is the reason the enterprise exists. For years, humans have attempted to discern the best way to convert fuel into electricity, but no one has done it with much fulfilment until Tesla got here. No gasoline means no exhaust, and that makes riding a Tesla more environmentally friendly for the surroundings than riding a car with an internal combustion engine. 

Extreme torque 

Electric drivetrains are inherently exceptional from inner combustion within the manner in which they produce and supply electricity. There are few shifting components, and the buildup of electricity is almost instant. Gas and diesel engines generate torque on a curve, starting low and growing with RPM. Electric automobiles create torque as quickly as energy can energise the magnets that motivate rotational electricity (through the car throttle).

Mature era

There are loads of motives for deciding on one automobile over every other, and it may be daunting to seek to weigh all of the alternatives and make the proper choice. Most humans are reluctant to be early adopters of technology from a recent era, despite the fact that it is from a longtime brand.

Tesla can be one of the youngest automakers in the country, having released in 2003 and turning in its first car in 2008, however, it’s been constructing and manufacturing all-electric powered automobiles to some extent possibly longer than other producers. Tesla is the primary enterprise to construct electric-powered motors and an associated community of chargers and has been doing it long enough that Superchargers may be discovered even in small cities within the U.S. and everywhere in the world. Going with a company with an established record of correctly turning in an excellent product may be reassuring when deciding on what automobile to shop for and ought to be a consideration when deciding on the Tesla.

Minimal protection

Gasoline- and diesel-powered motors of the contemporary age are exceptionally dependable as compared to the ones made only a few many years before. Gone are the times when an automobile was used up at 100,000 miles, which is excellent for consumers. However, in an effort to make this stuff ultimate for an extended time, ordinary protection is imperative. The ordinary protection would not simply consist of oil modifications and air filters, but also can consist of main offerings like timing belts and seize replacement. Electric motors are exceptional.

With a loss of most of the shifting components of an inner combustion engine, EVs lack the desire for oil modifications, belt replacements, filters, and maximum fluids. The authentic Tesla protection timetable consists of more than one ordinary assessment and a cabin clear-out and replacement. Foregoing steeply-priced protection is a big incentive for getting a Tesla.


Talking about the styling of any automobile is certain to dredge up a few degrees of controversy. There isn’t any good way to be all things to all humans, so the talk comes with the territory. That said, Tesla has plenty going for it.

While the era and engineering are each relatively innovative and forward-thinking, the styling is extremely reserved and understated. Perhaps the most attractive component is the minimalist method of indoor layout. You will now no longer discover any superfluous knobs, buttons, or flourishes of any kind. Everything has a feature, and the relaxation is glossy and sparse. That may be a wonderful characteristic, as a busy indoor layout may be off-putting and ugly. For folks who respect automobiles with stylish but understated capabilities, the Tesla remains a very good choice.


The protection of all automobiles has multiplied dramatically within the last many years. Fatal crashes of the now-no-longer-distant past are without problems surviving in a contemporary-day automobile. Yet a few makers rate higher than others, and Tesla has laboured closer to creating a more secure automobile from the beginning.

In putting the battery low within the frame, EVs are inherently extra solid because the centre of gravity is low to the ground. The low centre of gravity is especially useful in stopping rollovers within the SUV, the Model X. All Tesla motors had been rated five stars with the aid of the NHTSA, 


Nobody can accuse Tesla of being conventional. From its beginning as a gap automaker growing motors with unconventional drivetrains, Tesla has bucked tradition. The unconventional method persists all through the brand’s products.

The characteristic that has a tendency to stand out to the maximum is unconventional. While they’ve established themselves to be realistic and useful, imparting blessings in ingress and egress, they’re showy and flashy. Having an automobile with doors that open up like wings is a novel characteristic and a good way to galvanise onlookers for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions

how do i enter and exit tesla vehicles in Nigeria

To enter, eject the door handle by pushing on the tallest part with your thumb. Grab the ejected handle and pull to open. To exit, press the button on top of the armrest handle. After exiting, push the doors firmly to close


To charge, remove the charging station connector from its dock, open the car’s charge port and insert the connector into the charge port. When charging is complete, press the connector button until the charge port logo turns white, then remove the connector and return it to its dock.

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