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States In Nigeria Where You Will Find Most Exotic Cars

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There is no doubt that you will find the most expensive and exotic cars in the world in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the leading African countries where you can find top classy cars. Despite the increase in car thefts in these States, people still purchase a lot of exotic cars. There are Rolls Royce Cullinan, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, G Wagon Limo, Bugatti Veyron and many more.

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Most Expensive Cars Found On The Streets Of Nigeria
Most Expensive Cars Found On The Streets Of Nigeria

Nigerians are not behind when it comes to the car game. An example is Senator Dino Melaye who would not let that happen. Also, a young Nigerian billionaire known as Jowi Zazaa got a Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV worth N289 million. These are just a few examples that show that there are people with expensive exotic cars in Nigeria. There are many other celebrities that have exotic cars that we cannot even mention.

In this post, we listed the states in Nigeria where you can find most of the expensive exotic cars imported into Nigeria. They include;

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LAGOS: Lagos State in Nigeria is regarded to be the automobile and commercial hub in Nigeria. A lot of things related to cars and other stuff happen here. Automobile sales, importation, servicing, detailing, repairs, refurbishing, upgrade and lots more take place in this state on a daily basis. Even the high level of car theft is worth mentioning. Most of the wealthy men and women in Nigeria stay in Lagos state. The wealth they have is very evident in their choice of cars. This is the same for Nigerian celebrities and those in showbiz. It would not be wrong if we say Lagos state has most of these expensive exotic cars in Nigeria. It is understandable as to why anyway.

ABUJA: The Federal Capital Territory is after Lagos state on this list. What do you expect from a city that houses the big players of the nation? We are talking about ministers, diplomats, consuls, ambassadors and others. The ministers and their children will always have a car that will steal your gaze. Not just any car, but expensive exotic cars. As the country’s capital, Abuja is where you can see Senator Dino Melaye and his collection of exotic cars. He has a whole lot of them like the Bentley Mulsanne, Armoured G-Wagon Limo, McLaren MP4-12C and many more. Even Honourable Kazaure Gudaji was amazed at Senator Dino Melaye’s scar collection. If you want to see how Nigerians spend on cars, just head to Abuja.

KADUNA: Whatever you see in Abuja, you are likely going to see in Kaduna or even more. One thing about the northerners is that they have a love for exotic cars. This love is not just for any car but good ones. If you have been to this state, you will testify it is one of the northern states where you will see expensive and exotic cars. Some Northerns are known to hold titles such as Emirs just like how Yorubas in the Southern States hold the titles of Obas, these people are usually well do and they have their own exotic cars that come with the title.

DELTA: Delta state is among the leading states in the car game when it comes to the south-south geopolitical zone in Nigeria. This state has a good number of wealthy people who use their money to buy expensive cars. An example is Emma Ayiri, a Delta-based businessman, who owns two Rolls Royce cars in his luxury fleet. There are many other unknown billionaires in the state who own crazy cars.

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RIVERS: Rivers state is another state to look out for expensive exotic cars. The city of interest in this state is the capital which is Port-Harcourt. This is a state where you do not look around for these exotic cars; they are always around. This is a state where you will find CEOs and MDs of several oil companies that earn huge figures as salaries and waste no time purchasing good cars with it.

ANAMBRA: Anambra is the leading state in south-eastern Nigeria where you will see the most expensive exotic cars. This Igbo state has a good number of wealthy men who flaunt their wealth with the “machine” (as they fondly call it) they drive. If you want to see most of these cars, just head to Anambra during a festive season like Christmas. Anambra men in Nigeria and in the diaspora do not joke with this season. You will see cars and testify especially when you get to Nnewi.

KANO: Kano is another state in the north where you will see expensive cars. The cars in the garage of the Emir of Kano make this state to be chosen amongst this list. There are other several wealthy men in this state with exotic cars in their fleet too.

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