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Six Car Parts You Need To Replace No Matter What

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One certain way for a motorist to feel secure is through routine maintenance of their vehicle. If you do maintenance on these components on a regular basis, your automobile may essentially defy age. The most frequently changed auto parts in Nigeria are something most people aren’t aware of. The replaced parts keep spoiling because most drivers don’t maintain them. A car is a sophisticated device with several mechanical and electrical parts. These parts need to be replaced since their efficiency deteriorates over time.

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However, certain components need to be replaced more frequently because they wear out more quickly than others. Replace these car parts periodically if you drive a daily commuter vehicle to maintain your vehicle’s dependability at all times. The majority of auto components in Nigeria are these.

Brake Pads

However, brakes often degrade more quickly than other mechanical parts of the automobile, but the size of the vehicle and the method you drive will both have a big impact. The constant stop-and-go of city driving is quite taxing. Brake pads must be replaced at the earliest sign of wear in order to avoid further damage and the possibility of fatal accidents. If you halt, the rotors below the pads may even get impacted, and you will have to change both.

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Depending on the size of the vehicle, a brake pad typically has to be replaced every 3 to 5 years, or 30,000 to 70,000 miles. The typical lifespan of an automobile is 4 years. Make sure you use the original brake linings when replacing your pads. Be aware that organic (non-asbestos) linings are of lower quality than ceramic and semi-metallic linings.


Car batteries are packed with adequate power in order to start, light, and ignite your automobile for up to 5 years before they start to fail. You might decrease your hopes and hope it lasts three years in Nigeria, which has a hot temperature. You should make an effort to routinely examine the condition of your battery. It is wise to swap out your automobile’s batteries before it entirely fails. You probably don’t need us to emphasize this as your car battery has already left you stranded a few times.


Several variables affect how often you should replace your tires, including the yearly mileage, the kind of roads you drive on, the wheel alignment, and the wear rating of the tires. Although turning and hard braking can considerably exacerbate wear, tires with greater wear ratings often last longer. 

You will ultimately need to replace the tire pressure monitor on newer vehicles as well. The component ages over time, yet it still serves a very important purpose. Although replacing it can increase your maintenance costs, few drivers seem to care.

Spark plugs

Significant increases in fuel usage or more inertia when accelerating may indicate that the spark in your spark plugs has died. Other warning signals that your engine needs new spark plugs include surging, idling, and misfiring. Platinum and iridium plugs are the two primary categories of plugs. For the best performance, they should be replaced after five years or every 12,000 miles

Headlamps or taillights

They advise safety first. Additionally, headlights and taillights are crucial for your safety when driving. Headlights make it easier to see at night, and tail lights let you know when the car in front of you applies the brakes or turns on the traffic signals.

Our roads are in disrepair, and reckless driving causes head and tail lights to break or become damaged more frequently than they should. On rough and bumpy roads, filament-based lights are more prone to damage, whereas LED tail lights and Xenon lights are more resilient.

Fuel Pump 

A car’s gasoline pump operates continually, but rust and other substances inside the fuel tank can harm it. Utilizing your reserve gasoline or depleting your tank of fuel might also hasten the replacement of your fuel pump. These errors are still often made by drivers, and the sole outcome is pump failure. Having a malfunctioning fuel pump might give you a lot of headaches if you do not remedy the problem as soon as you see it. Nevertheless, this still remains one of the most altered automotive parts in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How frequently does my car need to be serviced?

That is dependent upon your car. Timing belt replacements are among the maintenance you might only require occasionally, although brakes, fluid checks, and oil changes are among those that should be performed more frequently. The manufacturer of your car should identify the important elements, which include time and mileage intervals. Internal clocks on your car, truck, or SUV will also let you know when maintenance is needed.

Why Is Regular Maintenance Required for My Car?

The manufacturer of your car specifies a maintenance program. Your automobile may perform better as a result, in addition to avoiding later, more expensive and catastrophic issues. For instance, replacing soiled filters and fluids helps prevent the early wear of more complicated parts. Radiators, gearboxes, and engines might suffer damage from poor sparks or old belts. Additionally, maintenance can stop schedule-interfering malfunctions that are bothersome.


In addition to the auto parts mentioned in this essay, there are several additional parts that require regular inspection and/or replacement. Every component of a car is significant, so we advise taking it in for regular maintenance at least twice a year, or around every 6,000 miles. Your automobile may be kept in excellent condition for a very long period with proper maintenance of its parts.

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