Edose Enaboifo is a known Nigerian businessman and philanthropist in the United Kingdom. He owns a series of businesses through which he has acquired a large net worth. Edose Enaboifo is also one of the biggest boys in Yorubaland and has his wealth to show for all his hard work.

In this article, you’ll learn about the Nigerian UK-based business tycoon, his many businesses, his cars, and his crazy net worth.

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Sir EJ Biography

Sir EJ - Edose Enaboifo
Sir EJ – Edose Enaboifo
Real nameEdose John Enaboifo
Date of birthJune 6th, 1978
Country of OriginFederal Republic of Nigeria
Source of WealthReal Estate, Cryptocurrency, Livestock Farming, E-commerce store
Net worth$3.5million

Edose John Enaboifo, also known as Sir EJ, is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist who hails from Edo State, Nigeria but was born in Jos, Plateau, on the 6th of June, 1978, before he moved to the UK, where he currently resides and runs most of his businesses. 

Before moving to the UK, he did his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, where he earned a degree in AAU Ekpoma. Although not married, Sir EJ has one daughter living with him in London, UK. 

As a billionaire, Sir EJ dabbles in a series of businesses, and through all his businesses, he earns a living. Below, you’ll learn more about the business tycoon and investor and how he increases his net worth through his many startup businesses. 

Sir EJ Career

Edose Enaboifo Career 
Edose Enaboifo Career 

Edose Enaboifo is a real estate investor, Cryptocurrency trader, Livestock farmer, and E-commerce store owner. These are the major businesses through which the billionaire makes the bulk of his wealth. 

He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of SIR EJ FARMS ENTERPRISE with the trading name SIR EJ FARMS which he started in 2010. Currently, his farm is positioned as one of the leading livestock farms in Nigeria.

He 2018, he started another business known today as TRADE4FASTPAY. The venture is a Crypto-trading secure platform that allows users to convert bitcoins to instant cash, making trading Bitcoin easy, and reliable for users.

In 2019, Sir EJ started another company named SIR EJ HOMES LTD. It’s a real estate development company with corporate headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. The company provides clients with exceptionally high-quality developments that deliver value. They also pride themselves as leaders in the property development industry as they offer clients properties with competitive and affordable pricing.

In 2020, he started SIR EJ GLOBAL LTD, established in 2020, an Ecommerce store with the trading name SIR EJ STORE, located in the United Kingdom. The store deals in exclusive and premium alcohol products from around the globe and delivers them to customers’ doorsteps.

He is the CEO and Executive Chairman of Sir EJ Groups, which consists of all his many business ventures.

Sir EJ Cars

With the large net worth Sir EJ has acquired through his many businesses, he also uses some of that money to fund a luxurious but low-profile lifestyle.

The billionaire in naira has a series of cars to his name.

Below are some of the cars Sir EJ owns today.

Sir EJ Cars
Sir EJ Cars
Sir EJ Cars - Range Rover
Sir EJ Cars – Range Rover
Sir EJ Cars - mercedes-benz
Sir EJ Cars – mercedes-benz

Sir EJ Net Worth

Through his various businesses from real estate, livestock farming, e-commerce, to Crypto businesses, he has acquired a net worth estimated at $3.5 Million.

Sir EJ social media

At the moment Sir EJ is only on Instagram with @sirejofficial


Sir EJ is one of the biggest boys from Yoruba who have acquired wealth outside of politics through their businesses yet lives a low-profile lifestyle with his daughter in the UK.

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