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Should You Consider Using Premium Fuel For Your Car

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When it comes to driving, fuel is a necessity, but even this isn’t as simple as it would seem. Things become a little bit more difficult and, to put it mildly, quite a little more contentious when we include premium fuels like super unleaded gasoline in the mix. The most important of them usually revolve around what super unleaded gasoline actually is, what it does, and whether or not it is even worthwhile to purchase in the first place. Here, we aim to provide all of these answers and more.

But as always, in order to provide a comprehensive and instructive response to the pertinent concerns regarding premium fuels, we must consider the overall picture. We must cover every minor detail and provide all the information we can on this hotly contested subject. Let’s look at it.

Super unleaded and premium fuel: what are they?

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8 Cheap Tricks That Are Used By Fuel Attendants To Scam You

We truly need to know what premium fuel is in order to proceed. As we all know, when carbon-based fuels, like the ones we use in combustion-engined cars, are consumed in an engine, tiny explosions occur that produces a force that drives pistons to spin axles. When evaluating the quality of these fuels, we focus on their purity, which is mostly defined by their octane rating or the maximum pressure at which they can operate without igniting.

For instance, super unleaded gasoline is simply a better grade of gasoline than unleaded fuel. The standard unleaded fuel is 95 octane, as stated on the pump. However, super unleaded kicks it up a notch and can actually go as high as a mind-blowing 97–98 octane at the pump.

Diesel and gasoline both have an equivalent, with premium diesel having an octane rating that is 5 to 10 points higher than ordinary diesel.

Why would someone use premium fuel?

All of that being said, a related topic that is frequently asked is: What do premium fuels like super unleaded gasoline actually do to your car? It’s true that there must be more to them than merely a greater pump number, and there must be a purpose for their existence.

As we briefly discussed, fuel with a higher octane can withstand a higher pressure before burning, as opposed to fuel with a lower octane. As a result, it may generate a stronger force with a smaller volume and less burning. In fact, it can mitigate some of the long-term harm that conventional gasoline causes.

Should You Buy Super Unleaded Over Regular Unleaded?

Unleaded gasoline may seem like a no-brainer given that it burns better and costs less, but you must carefully consider the materials you’re working with in order to make that determination. It comes down to a few benefits and drawbacks: 

  • Increased MPG

Since we require less gasoline to achieve the same effects using a fuel that burns better, we can nearly always expect a higher mileage per gallon. These findings led to higher mileage per gallon, which over time can help you save money through better fuel efficiency.

  • A more robust engine

Your car will appreciate you utilising unleaded or premium diesel in addition to your money. It implies that your engine experiences a smoother ride and may even benefit from greater lubrication brought on by engine cleaning additives that reduce some of the excesses.

  •  Improved Environment

The implication of the two aforementioned facts is that premium fuel is better for the environment. Almost invariably, a less efficient fuel results in worse emissions, which are harmful to the environment, especially diesel. Premium fuels are more environmentally friendly.

  • Costlier

Like everything else, it still has drawbacks. You are still paying more for the luxury since premium gasoline is still premium. Typically, there is an additional 10 cents per gallon, which over time might add up (unless you save fuel by other means).

  • Variations can be subtle

Additionally, the distinction in engine performance and health that you’ll notice can actually be rather small. In fact, you might not even notice the benefits of the aforementioned advantages, in which case it might not be worthwhile to spend more money. Could the key function be in this equation?

Should an Older Car Use Super Unleaded Fuel?

Another common misunderstanding when discussing fuel use is the idea that once the damage is done, it cannot be undone. Most of the time, though, that is not the case. Engine health is frequently something that may be fixed using techniques and, if necessary, parts. Although gasoline can still be a problem, we always suggest having an inspection done to give a new car a comprehensive check.

In fact, as we mentioned above, frequently adding premium fuel to any engine might be beneficial. Even if you don’t always use super unleaded, the additives in it can still keep the engine operating as smoothly as possible by removing some pollutants.

The same is true even for premium diesel. Diesel really has extra additives that can be used occasionally to do this without the fuel (but premium fuel still does the job just fine where needed).


Everything ultimately comes down to you and the needs of your particular automobile. Premium fuel has a purpose and can significantly boost your car’s performance over the long and short terms. It is true.

People’s concerns are more about how much that occurs when using fuels like super unleaded versus regular unleaded and how much it costs. Sometimes using more expensive fuel simply isn’t worth it in the long run, especially if the car’s primary purpose is to reduce your expenses.

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