An SUV, short for Sport Utility Vehicle, is a term used for a vehicle that has the seating and storage space of a station wagon and is arranged on a truck chassis. Designed for off-road driving and running in adverse conditions, these vehicles are popular with moms for carrying everything the family needs to get around on a daily basis. These vehicles were built in the 1990s. Since its popularity in the 1980s, the pros and cons of owning a vehicle have been debated.

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Still undecided about whether to buy an SUV or a sedan? After reading this article, you can draw your own conclusions. Learn about the pros and cons of SUVs. The battle between sedans and SUVs has always confused consumers, but we Nigerians face the same problem when it comes to buying a new car. Some people like the aesthetic appearance of a sedan, while others like the intimidating feeling of encountering an SUV. 

Why Should You Buy an SUV?

  • Versatility 

The wheel drives are also designed for high ground clearance, allowing these vehicles to effectively travel over almost any surface, regardless of ground conditions.

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  • Social status

In Nigeria, there are unspoken rules about the social status of SUVs, and drivers can benefit from them. However, it’s an unspoken rule, so we don’t know if it’s true. It’s not surprising that some moderately wealthy people drive modest sedans, while the boastful choose SUVs.

  • Manoeuvrability 

SUVs have long been prized for their manoeuvrability in adverse conditions. SUVs perform well in rain and snow. Many of them have four-wheel drives and prevent skidding. And if you need to travel off the beaten track, an SUV is the best option, as it can manoeuvre over rough terrain and offers a luxurious cabin to do so. This manoeuvrability also translates into excellent road handling that can protect the driver and passengers.

  • Height Advantage

SUVs keep the driver on the ground, at least by comparison. It sits quite high from the For those riding in sedans, it’s definitely forbidden in the event of an accident, but you may be better protected from other car impacts. can see better, so you can react more quickly if necessary.

  • Towing Capacity 

SUVs can carry more weight than sedans, as well as more people. A typical SUV can carry the luggage of at least seven people on one trip. In some crossovers of this type, it can even carry more than eight people, compared to its usual four-seater in compact sedans.

Why Shouldn’t you Buy An SUV 

  • Price

Most SUVs on the market today are more expensive than their sedan counterparts. Plus, SUVs are also much more expensive to maintain than sedans. The main cost difference comes from the higher fuel consumption of the different engines. Also, the cost of replacing SUV parts takes more money out of your pocket.

  • Rollover hazard

The higher the vehicle, the better the driver’s visibility, but the higher the centre of gravity, the greater the risk of the vehicle rolling over. This risk is even greater as there are no speed limits on roads in Nigeria. With the advantage of height comes risk. They want to tint the windows. The problem is that SUVs have tinted windows, making them more likely to be stopped by the police.

  • Other Restrictions

Another risk, by the way, exists in all cars but is more pronounced in SUVs. This means that after a few years of use, it will sound strange. To verify this information, you can ask an experienced driver, especially one who has owned an SUV.

  • Fuel Cost

Unfortunately, even SUVs have their limits. The car is heavier than a regular sedan, so you need more gas to drive it. Fuel costs increase as fuel performance decreases. With gas prices rising, many have found it uneconomical to own and drive an SUV.

  • Emissions

Finally, this vehicle emits more emissions than smaller cars. This increase in emissions is directly related to the increased fuel consumption required by SUVs. As more gasoline is used for basic driving functions, more emissions are released into the atmosphere, resulting in higher carbon dioxide emissions. In recent years, SUVs have come under fire from various environmental groups.


The majority of car drivers who want to be the owners of prestigious and spacious SUV cars have some questions when buying such a vehicle. They are in doubt about whether it is so practical in the city, has more pros than cons, and what its special features are.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Toyota SUV should I buy?

Knowing which SUV is right for you won’t be instantly obvious. Be sure to take into account the amount of cargo space. Those that enjoy weekend adventures may want to consider the extra space of the Land Cruiser or Hilux for the equipment they may need, while those who are after an exciting drive in the city can benefit from the performance of a RAV4 Hybrid or Toyota C-HR Hybrid.

Are SUVs less agile?

Many people worry that the typically large nature of an SUV will make for an unresponsive driving experience, but this needn’t be the case. The modern-day SUVs often come with turbocharged engines and advanced hybrid systems, whilst some now deliver the agility of a hatchback while maintaining the versatility and size associated with an SUV.

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