Car shows and exhibitions are quickly becoming popular and trendy in Nigeria. Just like the Nigerian tech boom, 2022 saw the rise of several car influencers and reviewers. One thing is sure in all of these, Nigerian car influencers are growing by the day. As such, car events and activities are also growing and becoming popular in Nigeria.

2022 Abuja Car Fest
2022 Abuja Car Fest

Only recently, the Lagos auto show was held in Lagos state, and the Port Harcourt car cruise followed through. One of the most recent is the just concluded cars and motorcycle exhibition that was held in Abuja.

The event was powered by the popular Nigerian car influencer Ola of Lagos and AbujaCar, an automotive dealership in Abuja. 

It was a 3-day event that started on the 16th of December and ended on the 18th of December. Present at the event were several exotic cars that also got many Nigerians talking. 

There’s no shortage of luxury cars present, from Lamborghini, Ferraris, and Jaguars, to Mercedes-Benz sports cars, G-Wagons, Range Rovers, and many other exotic cars. 

The owners of the cars were all cruising on Abuja roads, which is part of the event’s activities. However, the event and the flashy cars spotted during the Abuja car and motorcycle exhibition have many social media reactions.

Some of the interesting reactions to the posts shared on Ola of Lagos’ Instagram page are:

@oluwabeevee1 “See men 🙌 Shoe get size ❤️”

@max_officials1″See as road free lol , if na Lagos now traffic go hold Una 😂”

@aderemiclassy “We, the viewers and cheers association are waiting for a response from the Lagos Empire. Current score Abuja 1 – Lagos 0. 😂”

@karlarnold.87 “🔥🔥🔥! Omo boys Dey Abuja😂😂.. Lagos boys they learn from Abuja abeg😕🚶”

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