There is no driver who doesn’t deal with this all over the world especially when there is an increase in the price of fuel, just like the recent happenings. So to help you tackle this issue, will assist you with simple seven tips for saving fuel tips you probably have never known.

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Do not drive in the rain:

Your tires will try to go against friction and that will cause stress on the engine. Depending on the engine type, you could get a very slight boost in efficiency due to something called the increased engine’s air intake. Also, the increased humidity of the air, while it is raining, will decrease the density of air and will result in lower dynamic pressure and this slightly drags the tyres.

Do not use your AC all the time:

Many people have abandoned their vehicle’s A/C because of excessive fuel consumption. Even though the A/C has been installed purposely for your comfort, you should also understand that sometimes in the evening/night you should just enjoy the natural fresh air. You can turn off your vehicle’s A/C and open the ventilation space at the car’s roof to let in natural air which is not only healthy but will save you fuel at that time.

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Monitor your tyre pressure:

Tyre pressure tends to be one of the most overlooked aspects of a car. The correct tyre pressure makes a difference to the performance, safety and fuel economy of your car. Instead of buying all sorts of fancy gadgets and fuel additives to improve performance, proper tyre pressure may in fact be the most effective upgrade for your car. Check your tyre pressure as they typically lose air naturally, at a rate of up to 2 PSI every month, checking your tyre pressure regularly can help you preserve your fuel for as long as you can.

Do not carry the unnecessary load:

Compare your car to a human body. If you do not eat well, you would not be able to carry much load. Your vehicle is just like this because your vehicle requires more fuel to carry lots of weight. When your car carries about 50kg of load, your car will consume like 2 per cent more fuel than the normal rate. So if you are a driver, avoid carrying lots of loads because you are much more likely to spend more money on fuel.

Make use of your cruise control:

This is a technology that has been designed for the safety and maximisation of fuel and controls speed automatically. The cruise control will calculate and adjust the parts of the vehicle so as to balance the efficiency of fuel. When you make use of this function in your car, your vehicle will be moving at the normal distance with radars in the front and the back.

Keep the air filter clean always:

In order for you to manage the fuel efficiency of your car, your air filter needs to be kept clean at regular intervals because if your filter is broken or bad, it will likely consume 10 per cent more fuel. If you inspect your air filter and you notice it is congested, it is advisable for it to be changed and purified because more energy is saved this way.

Shut the engine down when not in use:

You know that moment of traffic when you’re waiting for the road to clear up a little, you could simply just put off your engine. When you are not using your vehicle for a long time, it is advisable to shut the engine down so unnecessary fuel would not be burnt.

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