Seven car damaging habits you should avoid while driving

Seven car damaging habits you should avoid while driving
Seven car damaging habits you should avoid while driving

As a driver, there are many things you can do to ensure that your car is always operating smoothly, but there are also many things you may not know that are potentially harming it! Unhealthy practices like failing to notice an underinflated tire or changing from drive to reverse while still trying to move forward (or the other way around) are common. Others, such as not driving at all, can also be detrimental.

In this article, I want to briefly discuss seven car-damaging habits you should avoid while driving.

1. In addition to putting your car in danger, reckless driving puts you and your other passengers’ lives in danger! Anyone who’s ever been on the road knows this is a common occurrence. The term “reckless driving” encompasses a wide range of behaviours that put the lives of other passengers, as well as your own, at risk. Speeding, ignoring the signs for speed bumps, and rushing past them are all bad habits to avoid.

2. The process of shifting your transmission into reverse before coming to a complete stop is one that could be life-saving. Reversing a vehicle involves a number of important mechanical components, and doing so while the vehicle is still moving poses a considerable risk to the transmission and some other components.

3. Hard braking and abrupt acceleration damage your brakes, which you must realize. A steep incline requires frequent braking while driving, but if you’re travelling down a straight road, the same isn’t true. While contemporary automotive brakes can last a long time if properly maintained, heavy use can cause them to wear out more quickly than they should.

4. Over-and under-inflated tires, vehicle alignment, and proper tire pressure are all common occurrences that drivers fail to take into consideration. Your car’s tire pressure is much more significant than you may have realized. Tire pressure in the 30 to 35 psi range is sufficient. Balance, fuel consumption, and overall handling can be affected by anything above or below this point. The marking on the door pad of the car will indicate the proper tyre pressure. If you want to keep your tires healthy and long-lasting, you need to stick to these guidelines.

5. Excessive engine revving reduces performance and increases wear and tear on components, and it won’t end well if you try to imitate the racing scenes from the videos you’ve recently viewed. Idling your car is a better option than risking your vehicle’s safety in order to heat up your engine.

6. The moniker “warning light” has a good purpose! These lights are a warning that something is amiss and must be addressed immediately! As soon as your automobile detects a problem with one of its components, you’ll be alerted by the appearance of these dashboard lights. Some of these include failing to monitor fluid levels, driving with an empty tank, or having insufficient tire pressure, and you must know what these signals represent.

Today’s automobiles come fitted with sensors that keep tabs on the vehicle’s performance as well as its level of comfort. There will be an alert light that comes on when one of these sensors malfunctions or triggers an error. Performing a software check on your car will provide you with valuable information about its condition. To keep your automobile in top shape, take it to one of the facility garages for an examination.

7. One of the most common habits that drivers don’t realize is ignoring their service schedules and delaying maintenance. You must adhere to the guidelines in your owner’s manual regarding which parts need to be serviced and at what intervals. There are a number of critical parts of a car that need regular examination and maintenance: the engine, transmission, tires, brakes, and suspension.

The only way to keep your cherished car in good working order is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine servicing and maintenance. Only let a professional perform maintenance on your vehicle.

Written by Nneoma Okoli

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