Selling A Car Is Simple, Car Dealers Use This To Have an Advantage Over Buyers

Know How To Protect Yourself When Selling Your Car Privately
Know How To Protect Yourself When Selling Your Car Privately

There are phases in the customer journey from car purchase to the actual sale that you as a car seller can take advantage of and have the upper hand. As a car seller, you need this knowledge to close every car deal. 

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Customers certainly go through critical thinking and decision-making stages when purchasing a new vehicle. Buying a new car isn’t an easy thing and is one which should not be rushed into without taking things lightly. So as a cat salesman, you need to be aware of this. 

This is a fundamental aspect of customer buying behaviour, and such a process is essential to ensure that potential buyers’ needs are met without regret later. Wouldn’t it be great if you, as a car salesman, could expect this kind of behaviour? 

What Car Sellers Need to Know About Buyers

As a car dealer, you should come to terms with the fact that these stages are pathways customers will take towards actually doing business with you. So familiarising yourself with these processes will be key to meeting them halfway at every phase of their journey.

This happens when you market your brand in a way that builds trust in your product. Therefore, your sales campaign should be conducted in a way that is visible to your customers and in a way that helps them find you and do business with you at all times.

  1. Needs Identification

The buyer’s decision-making process begins with identifying the specific need to purchase the product. This need arises from customer requirements. After that, the desire to buy a car increases. Even after the customer has become aware of the problem, they may not know which product will suffice or which brand will effectively solve it. We provide smooth and efficient service.

For example, a customer might be a young mother looking for the perfect car for her mother. Knowing exactly why the need arose can be an advantage in closing the deal. Different people need cars for different reasons and once you can identify them, you will have double sales. 

  1. Information Retrieval

During this phase of the purchase decision process, customers are looking for the right brand to solve the problem at hand. This can be done by going to the internet or searching for answers. Then you can rely on looking for traders on social media.

At this point, factors such as budget, car price, colour, and equipment become important. The more of these answers you can offer as a seller, the better your business opportunities will be.

  1. Evaluate Options

After extensive research and inquiries online, buyers are now able to choose from a variety of options. This pool of options is intended to weigh and prove how each brand can best meet the needs of buyers.

Buyers choose the product that best suits them from among many options. At this stage, criteria for a range of options include vehicle comfort, initial cost, and performance level.

For example, women who buy cars know they need attention and look for certain things that male buyers don’t consider important.

  1. Purchase Decision

This is when the customer finally makes the decision to purchase a particular vehicle from the manufacturer that has proven to be the most suitable solution to their problem. This decision is usually influenced by numerous factors, such as online customer testimonials, car reviews, budgets, maintenance costs, discounts, and more.  

  1. After-purchase appraisal

The last stage of the customer decision process is not the least in any way, as it is an important point of reflection and recollection. At this phase, the customer has made a purchase but doesn’t know if the right choice has been made.

If the car meets his or her needs without faults, then the customer is likely to come back for another purchase or even recommend the car brand to another person. However, when it fails in that regard, then the brand or dealership would likely be rejected, usually followed closely by negative reviews.


The above stages are the linear customer processes that car dealers must become accustomed to in order to process card transactions quickly and effectively. although this is not always the case.

It’s usually not as easy as you might imagine, so it’s a good idea for auto dealers to start by striving to engage customers at every stage of the buying process.

Customers typically enter and exit at various points on the stage. This makes it a little more difficult for salespeople to focus on starting a sale and expect customers to do the rest of the process themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used cars good to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, the majority of them are. Prior to purchasing, it is crucial that they are in good general shape and suit your lifestyle. It is suggested that the vehicle undergo a mechanical inspection. Used automobiles are an affordable and reliable option for individuals who wish to stay within their budget.

Should I buy a car without test driving?

Test driving is mostly important if you are buying a tokunbo car, to check if you’re in any problems wrong with it before buying. That is why test driving is very important. But if you are buying a new car, you may forgo this process. 

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