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5 Tips That Will Save You Money at the Auto Shop

Are you tired of paying a hundred to repair your car at the mechanic? Here are some tips that will be of good benefit to you.

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Fix Your Vehicle At Home:

Fixing your own vehicle is one of the most obvious ways to cut back on costs. Many times, car repairs can be very technical and you may not be able to do them on your own, but there are also a lot that can be done by just about anybody. Simple fixes such as changing wiper blades, air filters, oil, headlights, the battery, and some others can be done by most people. A simple internet search is a good way to find a step by step guide on how to do these fixes. Doing your repairs at home only costs as much as the part that you are replacing and any tools you may need. Labour is oftentimes one of the most expensive portions of a car repair done at a shop.

Shop Around:

As with any purchase, it is wise to compare prices. It can be worth every second spent searching when you are able to find a shop that can do the repair for a fraction of the cost another place charges. When you have an idea of what your repair will cost, you can choose a shop and ask for a more precise estimate. In some instances, it is possible to negotiate with mechanics from different shops and bargain with them based on each of their prices.


Find A Professional Mechanic:

Once you have found a repair shop that you trust, continue to use this same place. Being a repeat customer can show loyalty. Once you are a regular, whoever is working may be more willing to negotiate better deals with you in the future. Asking around to family and friends is a good way to find a mechanic you can trust. You should also ensure that the shop you choose is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certified.

Car Maintenance Tips in Nigeria, Benefits and What to Check
Car Maintenance Tips in Nigeria: Benefits and What to Check

Cut Out Unnecessary Maintenance:

Sometimes opting out of certain maintenance can be a tricky subject. Some warranties require you to get maintenance from a certain place as a necessity of keeping the warranty valid. It is wise to look closer to your warranty and what it requires. Regular preventive maintenance is a good way to save on future repairs, but it is not necessarily required as often as some places will lead you to believe. For instance, it is not usually necessary to change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles and spark plugs do not typically need to be changed but every 100,000 miles.

Buy Your Own Parts:

One of the simplest ways to save money on your repair bill is to purchase your own parts. If a repair requires more than what you can handle, finding the cheapest car parts on your own is a good way to save money. This is especially true for repairs that involve expensive parts. Many garages tend to charge much more for parts than what you can find on your own. Using your own parts is acceptable at most garages, but you should still ask before spending your money. Saving money on car repairs may require a time commitment, but it can be worth it for many people. Repair things on your own, shop around, stay loyal, and buy your own parts. Saving money on vehicle repairs is possible if you are prepared to put forth the effort.

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