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Saudi Prince Paid 9 Billion Naira for Number Plate: In Saudi Arabia, You Don’t Flex With Exotic Cars, You Flex With Expensive License Plate Number

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In Saudi Arabia, the type of car you’re driving is not the primary marker of wealth. For instance, Saudi Arabians look at Rolls Royce the same way Nigerians look at Toyota cars. To them, it’s just a basic car.

Expensive Car Licensed Plate Number
Expensive Car Licensed Plate Number

The reason? It’s not that Rolls Royce is not a worthy car in Saudi Arabia. However, to flex in the country, exotic cars are not the way forward because no one cares. If you want to show some class and flex your wealth in the country, it’s with the licensed plate numbers.

The most elite set of people in Saudi Arabia at those that have the single digit license plate number. A Saudi Prince paid $14 million for a license plate number with only one digit.

So, even if you’re driving a Rolls Royce and it doesn’t have that license, then nobody cares.


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The RZN podcast brought up this interesting fact about cars and license plate numbers in Saudi. On their TikTok page, here are some of the comments from users:

“”I’m from Saudi and most of us driving Toyota Camry.”

“Bro I live in Saudi and never saw a Rolls not even once.”

“I live in Saudi Arabia but trust me bro Rolls  Royes not everywhere in the street 😂.

“I’m a Saudi Arabia. My car is a Nissan Altima not a Rolls Royce.”

“I’m from Saudi and most of us driving Toyota Camry 😂😂.”

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