Many wealthy Nigerians own the luxurious vehicle known as the Rolls-Royce. It shows how wealthy a good number of Nigerians are considering how expensive the Rolls-Royce vehicle actually is. However, many of these owners are businessmen, women, and Nigerian politicians. 

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Below are some of the owners of the Rolls-Royce vehicle in Nigeria today.

  1. Davido

The popular Nigerian singer Davido is one of those known for his series of luxury vehicles. It happens to be that Rolls-Royce is among the cars that the wealthy billionaire singer has. He owns a 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan that cost 240,000,000. 

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When Davido bought this vehicle, he took to his Instagram page to announce it, and a few weeks later, he jokingly asked for 100,000,000 to clear the car. However, people contributed, and he raised the required 100,000,000.

  1. Wizkid

Popular Nigerian singer Wizkid equally acquired a Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV in 2022 worth 300,000,000. The Cullinan is one of the seven expensive car purchases Wizkid made in September 2022. Altogether, the singer spent 1 billion Naira on the seven vehicles. 

  1. Chief Gabriel Igbinedion
Chief Gabriel Igbinedion rolls royce
Chief Gabriel Igbinedion rolls royce

Chief Gabriel Igbinedion is the flamboyant Esama of Benin, and he has had a long history as a car collector. Currently, the Esama owns four different Rolls Royce that often join his convoy while he’s travelling. 

  1. Obi Cubana
Obi Cubana Rolls Royce Phantom
Obi Cubana Rolls Royce Phantom

Nigerian businessman and billionaire Obi Cubana is another person that owns a Rolls-Royce vehicle. The particular Rolls-Royce Obi Cubana owns is the Rolls Royce Wraith, and he has been spotted driving it several times.

  1. Burna Boy

Nigerian singer Burna Boy is also included in the country’s list of Rolls Royce owners. The singer, who has been in the music industry since 2012, bought a Rolls-Royce Dawn in 2019 to celebrate success in his career.

  1. Olamide
Olamide Captured In A Video As He Steps Out From A Rolls-Royce in dubai
Olamide Captured In A Video As He Steps Out From A Rolls-Royce in Dubai

The Nigerian Yoruba rapper Olamide joins the list of Rolls Royce owners in the country as he owns a luxurious Rolls Royce Ghost. However, many Nigerians rumoured that the Rolls-Royce Ghost he bought was a fairly used model. Still, he owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

  1. Phyno
Phyno’s Biography, Cars collection, And Net Worth 2020
Phyno Net Worth, Biography, Cars collection

Popular Nigeria Igbo rapper Phyno also owns a Rolls-Royce. His is a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Many were surprised when they heard the singer bought a Rolls-Royce because they thought he was not rich enough to purchase a Rolls-Royce.

  1. Paul Okoye (RudeBoy)
Paul Okoye rolls royce
Paul Okoye rolls royce

Half of the P-Square clique and the twin brother to Peter Okoye is another owner of a Rolls Royce in Nigeria. To date, he is still on the list of the top 1% of successful Nigerian musicians in the country.

  1. Mike Adenuga

Another Rolls-Royce owner in the country is Otunba Mike Adenuga. He is a telecommunication giant who owns Globacom and many other successful businesses worldwide. He has also appeared severally on Forbes, and he owns a Rolls-Royce in Nigeria.

  1. Chris Uba

Chris Uba is a popular Nigerian politician who also doubles as a businessman in the oil and gas industry. He equally owns a Rolls-Royce vehicle among his fleet of cars.

  1. Arthur Eze
Arthur Eze Rolls Royce 2019
Arthur Eze Rolls Royce 2019

Prince Arthur Eze is one of the richest Igbo men in 2023 and a collector of Rolls-Royce vehicles. Currently, the CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum owns 5 Rolls-Royce cars in his collection.

  1. Fifi Ejindu
Fifi Ejindu rolls royce
Fifi Ejindu rolls royce

Fiji Ekanem Ejindu is an architect and Abuja socialite. She is the great-granddaughter of King James Ekpo Rassey of Cobham Town in Calabar. She is also one of the top wealthiest Nigerian women, and to celebrate her 51st birthday, she bought a Rolls-Royce vehicle.

  1. Tom Samson
Tom Samson rolls royce
Tom Samson rolls royce

Tom Samson is the general overseer of Christ Royal Family International Church, Lagos. To celebrate his 50th birthday, he bought a Rolls Royce Phantom.

  1. John Momoh
John Momoh rolls royce
John Momoh rolls royce

John Momoh is the chairman and CEO of Channels TV, the most popular TV channel in Nigeria. He also owns a Rolls-Royce vehicle.

  1. Jowi Zaza

The young billionaire, currently in his 30s and the inheritor of his father’s billion-dollar oil business, is also a proud owner of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan and many other luxurious vehicles.

  1. Pastor Chris Okotie
Pastor Chris Okotie rolls royce
Pastor Chris Okotie rolls royce

Pastor Chris Okotie is the lead pastor of Household of Christ Church, and he owns a white Rolls Royce. He acquired the Rolls Royce Phantom in 2014. The purchase of his car caused a lot of controversies, as many wondered how a pastor could afford such luxury.

  1. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa is one wealthy female singer in Nigeria that owns a Rolls Royce Wraith. The musician has been spotted posing next to her Rolls-Royce in several photos. On her father’s burial, she rode the car to the funeral.

  1. Mompha
Mompha shows off his 2020 Rolls Royce Wraith Eagle VIII

The Nigerian socialite Mompha owns one of the first 50 limited edition Rolls Royce Wraith Eagle V111. His source of wealth is said to be working with a bureau De Change business in Lagos.

  1. Dino Melaye
Rolls-Royce and Mercedes
Dino Melaye Rolls-Royce and Mercedes 

Dino Melaye, the former Kogi state senator, owns various exotic vehicles, including the Rolls-Royce. Dino says he made most of his money through investments he had with foreign companies like McDonald’s. McDonald’s is an American fast food with over 38,695 restaurants.

  1. Femi Otedola

Femi Otedola is a popular Nigerian billionaire and the CEO of Forte Oil and other businesses. He owns two Rolls-Royce. A few years back, his daughter Florence took to Instagram to announce that she bought her father a Rolls Royce as a Christmas gift.


There are several other Rolls-Royce owners in Nigeria, and the above-listed names are some of the top Rolls-Royce owners in the country. There are many more others on the list. To own a Rolls-Royce vehicle in Nigeria means you are wealthy because the car is mainly a staple for wealthy people.

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