Red Bull Is Building A $6.1 Million Hypercar 

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Red Bull is teasing the public with its first-ever road car, it’s a $6.1 million RB17 hypercar, and it’s set to hit the market in 2025. What this means is that there’s enough time to wait on it.

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Most people know Red Bull mainly as the company that produces the energy drink brand that runs a bunch of sports teams, including in Formula 1.

Now, the company is set to make its debut in the automobile industry, joining the likes of Ineos in shifting from having its name on F1 cars to building their own cars.

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The design of the RB17 will be done by the Red Bull F1 chief technical officer, Adrian Newey who also designed the Aston Martin Valkyire.

For this hypercar, Red Bull is set to build only 50 examples, each powered by a turbopcharged V8 hybrid powertrain making over 1100hp (820kW).

Some of the things the car will feature is the latest in ground effects technology, meaning it should offer seriously good handling.

With its power and aerodynamics, this will place the car’s performance close to the F1 car.

“With the car having true Formula 1 performance, it felt right that it fall in that lineage and have that ‘17’ moniker,” Oracle Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner said.

Each buyers of this ride will get access to Red Bull’s driving simulator facilities, as well as on-track driver training.

The RB17 will be built at the Red Bull Technology Campus in Milton Keynes, England.

For now, the RB17 is yet to be officially unveiled, with no more than the silhouette drawings you see of it here to go off.