The answer is simple. For the rich, Mercedes-Benz gives efficiency and class and for the middle and low-class, Toyota gives quality in terms of efficiency and maintenance at a good or cheap price.

Toyota is among the leading brands in the country, accounting for almost half of vehicles imported, and is very popular on Nigerian roads. Its bestselling models include the Hilux, Corolla, and Camry.

Mercedes-Benz is the leading luxury brand in Nigeria and controls a large share of the automotive luxury market in the country. Its leading brands are the GLE, C, G, E class.

Some Background

With an expected populace of 193.3 million, the information recommends that the absolute number of Nigerians accessible to one vehicle is 16.75. Regarding vehicles per 1000 Nigerians, it comes to about 59.7.

As indicated by the information delivered by the NBS a year ago, Nigeria has a sum of 11,547,236 engine vehicles in the nation, recording a 0.78% development from the 11,458,370 vehicle populace revealed in the primary quarter of 2017. This implies an aggregate of 88,886 vehicles were purchased between March 2017 and September 2017.

Private vehicle information in the nation right now remains at around 4,656,725 or 40.33% of the vehicle populace. The information likewise uncovers that Nigeria has a sum of 6,749,461 business vehicles which is about 58.4% of complete vehicle populace in the nation.

Why Toyota?

Toyota Car Models and Price Lists in Nigeria 2020
Toyota Car Models and Price Lists in Nigeria

Toyota is by far the most used and sold automotive brand in Nigeria in terms of quantity. Their Corolla model as well as the Camry model are by far the most noticeable cars on the road. According to a rough survey, 5 in every 10 cars is mostly a Toyota.

The main reason for their success is relatively easy, affordability. Toyota cars are cheap. People often relate cheap to not long-lasting but with Toyota, it is a different story. Toyota cars are one of the most durable and drivable automotive in the country especially taking into cognisance the bad road conditions.

fleet toyota Truck in Nigeria
fleet toyota Truck in Nigeria

Another area is maintenance and spares. Spares are easy to find since Toyota has partner firms in Nigeria and maintenance is not an issue because almost every mechanic or technician can without a doubt work on any Toyota model. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Toyota brand is number one.

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Why Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Preview, Price & Release Date
Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Preview, Price & Release Date

Mercedes-Benz has been able to create a great narrative around the people who uses their car. The narrative being that you are either very successful or very rich and therefore for the young man or lady who soon enters into the wealth class, Benz is most probably their car of choice.

Another reason why people use and love Benz is that their role models or celebrities use different Benz model. Even the President and Vice-President use customized Mercedes-Benz cars. Artistes use different Mercedes-Benz in their videos to show off their wealth status or give a sense of success which by the way is free advertisement for the automobile company.

Mercedes Benz Current Model Range
Mercedes Benz Current Model Range

The variety of their models are just amazing. Though their cars are labelled for the rich, Mercedes-Benz has cars for just about everybody. So if you just spare an additional million or so, you could see yourself in a Mercedes-Benz. As with Toyota, maintenance is not an issue, however, the parts might be a whole lot more expensive than Toyota’s. Their parts are available and you could easily find one or two authorised specialist technicians around your state. Another benefit of the Benz cars is their designs. They simply look exquisite. All their models and especially the top ones always make an impression. They literally turn heads.

Mercedes-Benz and Toyota are by far the top cars in terms of balance. With the constant swerving and movement due to potholes, Benz and Toyota are definitely convenient and reliable for most drivers.

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Both brands have maintained what they intended to sell to Nigerians; for Toyota, affordability and Mercedes-Benz, class and luxury. Both brands have good resale values. In terms of quantity, Toyota beats the Mercedes-Benz brand but in terms of value, the Mercedes-Benz could well be competing with Toyota for that. Their understanding of what brands work for the Nigerian community is what has made them loved in Nigeria. In recent years, some other brands are already competing with Mercedes-Benz for luxuries such as Lexus and even Honda, Nissan is competing with Toyota for their top spot in the low and middle-class family.

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