Tokunbo cars in Nigeria are more popular than brand new cars. Brand new cars are great, but at the same time, not everyone can afford a tear-rubber vehicle. So, the next best option becomes a tokunbo car.

The majority of the cars that enter Nigeria from the USA, Canada, and Dubai, Ghana, come through the Lagos Port. Then, from Lagos, they would then be able to be moved to some other places in Nigeria. It’s either towed with a truck or driven that way.

Problems with tokunbo cars
tokunbo cars

There are endless problems one is probably going to experience when driving a tokunbo vehicle. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea what tokunbo car is; they are simply foreign used cars imported into Nigeria.

These are some problems with Tokunbo cars you should know about before buying one.

1) Check the vehicle’s ignition

This vehicle part should be given more consideration. The vehicle condition can be controlled by its ignition, the hazard light is here and there as the vehicle’s start works up. On the off chance that the lights on the board are on while the motor turns over, it is an unmistakable sign that there’s some kind of problem with the vehicle. Some sellers will conceal this flaw by utilizing tape to cover the lights.

2) Investigate the Vehicle Identification Number

The V.I.N is a really important factor everyone needs to check before buying a tokunbo vehicle. It will show you the vehicle’s set of experiences even legitimate or taken issues.

3) Think about the vehicle’s cost

Prior to driving home a tokunbo car, you ought to do a point by point research including its cost. You can look at some sites to have an imaginable cost of the vehicle model you mean to purchase. When you have a rough expense of the vehicle, you will get a preferred position in managing the vehicle dealer who consistently has their own stunts.

4) Think about the vehicle’s condition

Understanding the state of being of a vehicle is central in picking the correct vehicle. For now, ensure you have a solid and experienced technician take a thorough look at it. This should be done prior to going into dealings. Try not to be tricked by the new-looking appearance of the vehicle, it very well might be only an interruption from the real state of the vehicle.

5) Check the vehicle’s mileage

If you need to know how old the tokunbo car is, checking its mileage is an ideal guess for you. The mileage will reveal how long the vehicle has been utilized, how long it has run, and furthermore the amount it is should be sold for.

6) The vehicle gearbox

The vehicle’s transmission status is a significant determinant of its wellbeing, to realize how great the transmission is, step through an exam drive. If you are not a specialist, you can require a specialist’s assistance to drive the vehicle.

7) Check the car engine’s strength

You can decide the engine’s strength by a short drive with the vehicle. You need to turn on the A/C framework and perceive how the motor functions. On the off chance that there is any vibration, it implies the motor’s condition isn’t adequate.

8) Think about another option

Obviously, as purchasing a used vehicle, you don’t have to demand purchasing the specific model in your brain. So picking another vehicle for an option is a shrewd arrangement as you can’t accept the needed vehicle for certain reasons. Who knows, the option might be a superior one. Furthermore, in the present circumstance, you can pick the earlier year model or a model of a connected vehicle brand.

9) The vendor should be an accomplished individual since they appear to be more rumoured and prepared to help you. In any case, be cautious, they can likewise be trickier than the new ones.

10) Your present monetary circumstance

Cash is the principal thing you should have prior to purchasing a vehicle even another or utilized one. This is the main issue you need to consider cautiously as going to a choice. You need to think about the vehicle’s cost as well as the expense of its support.

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