Ambulances are medically equipped vehicles that are meant for transporting patients to treatment facilities such as hospitals. They are also meant to provide the patient with out-of-hospital medical care before arriving at the hospital.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has forged ahead to create two unique ambulance types in Nigeria which have served purposes, especially during the Covid-19 period.

All About Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM)

Innoson Motors or Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) is an indigenous Nigerian auto brand manufacturer that is headquartered in Nnewi, Anambra, Nigeria. It was founded by Chief Innocent Chukwuma Nwala and the company is nicknamed “the pride of African roads”.  Close to 70% of the car parts are produced locally, in Nigeria, while the rest are sourced from Japan, Germany and China. Currently, vehicles are being used in some West African countries like Mali, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

The company is focused on producing affordable and durable vehicles for Africans with the aim of preventing the importation of used cars to Africa. In order to truly realise its aim, IVM has adopted a double-pronged approach, which is to;

  • Offer a car finance scheme that allows buyers to pay for the car over 3-year instalments.
  • Introduce affordable cars that are priced similarly to a tokunbo car of foreign brands. At the moment, the cheapest Innoson models are the Innoson Uzo (7 seater minibus) – ₦1.54 million, Innoson Fox (saloon) – ₦3.52 million and Innoson UMU (saloon) – ₦3.63 million.

Innoson Vehicle Bus Ambulance (IVM 5000c)

Indigenous car manufacturing company, Innoson Vehicles (IVM) released a brand new made in Nigeria Ambulance automobile, much to the delight of Nigerians, called the IVM 5000c. The new Innoson Ambulance (IVM 5000C) comes heavily equipped with the needed life support hospital equipment. The company took to its Twitter page to share a photo of the vehicle, and this attracted positive reactions from most Twitter users.

Features Of The IVM 5000c

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing built the IVM 5000c – Bus Ambulance with the following key features;

  • Life support hospital equipment
  • Multimedia System.
  • Gearbox-5-speed manual transmission.
  • 2.4 Litre Toyota petrol Engine.
  • Front and Rear Air Conditioning Vents.
  • Power Steering and Power windows.
  • Manual side mirror.
  • Brake – ABS+EBD.
  • Exhaust standard – Euro II with Catalisator.
  • Fuel – Petrol.
  • Fuel tank capacity – 70.
  • Length – 5000mm.
  • Width – 1700mm.
  • Height – 2066mm.

Price Of The IVM Ambulance5000c


The price for a regular minibus in Nigeria goes from N15 million to N20 million so, it is obvious that the IVM 5000C is not pricey at all. It goes for N15.5 million.

Innoson Vehicle Keke Napep Ambulance (IVM 1100)

-Innoson Vehicle Keke Napep Ambulance
Innoson Vehicle Keke Napep Ambulance

One of the latest inventions of this company is the witty-looking Tricycle Ambulance or what Nigerians call a Keke Napep Ambulance. The Tricycle ambulance also known as IVM 1100 was introduced two years ago but got all the attention in 2020.

Innoson says they believe this new automobile will make it a lot easier to move accident victims swiftly and quickly away from accident scenes to the hospital especially considering the traffic situation across the country of which Keke Napep has been known to manoeuvre faster.

On the construction site, it is believed that Innoson sourced most of the parts and platforms used in the fabrication of the Keke Napep Ambulance from China.

Features Of The IVM 1100

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing built the IVM 1100- Keke Napep Ambulance with the following key features;

  • Drip hanger, Drugs storage box.
  • Attendance seats and Standard Life Supports Hospital Equipment.
  • Breathing tube.
  • Oxygen Cylinder.
  • 4 Stroke Air/ Fan Cooling (210) Engine.
  • Detachable Stretcher.
  • Resuscitating mask.

Price Of The IVM 1100

In Nigeria, a standard tricycle or Keke Napep as we call it goes for about ₦900,000 to ₦2 million. But now the question is, “How much does the Innoson Motors build Keke Napep Ambulance go for?” Information received from IVM about the IVM 1100- Keke Napep said that the Ambulance goes for a whooping ₦2.583 Million.

Buying Guide For The IVM Ambulance

Innoson Motors Donates IVM Medical Ambulance To Anambra Govt
Innoson Donates IVM Medical Ambulance To Anambra

The following are the things to take note of before purchasing the IVM ambulance;

  1. They Are Affordable: If you are a medical practitioner that would like to save the lives of people before getting them to a hospital, purchasing an IVM ambulance is cheap and affordable, and moreover, it would be worth your money because you would be saving lives.
  2. Friendly Payment Schemes: Even if you want to save lives but do not have the money yet to purchase an ambulance, the company gives its customers a lot of advantages which include convenient payment schemes for any of their vehicles. The company is currently in partnership with many commercial banks within the country to further develop a payment plan for customers that may not be able to make payments at once. These payment schemes include loans or flexible payments that will allow the potential customer to pay over a period of time. Although, terms and conditions are applied.
  3. The Vehicles Come With Attractive Warranty Period: Innoson vehicles are very durable and reliable to the extent that the brand offers a very attractive warranty of three years for their engines and core parts. Even after this period, you can still take your car to any of their outlets to fix it and it goes for a highly reduced price.

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