Lagos is not the only place where you can get cars at an affordable rate. There are other cities in Nigeria where you’ll get affordable cars in the car market. In South-Eastern Nigeria, you’ll find a series of cars at an affordable rate. One of those states is Owerri, Imo State.

There are many car dealers in Owerri, and they sell a variety of Nigerian-used and direct Tokunbo-used vehicles. Below, you’ll find some of these cars and their current 2023 prices in Owerri. 

Prices Of Direct Tokunbo-Used Cars In Owerri

2014 Lexus RX350 owerri - back view
2014 Lexus RX350 Owerri – back view

Are you wondering how much you can get Tokunbo-used cars in Owerri? Look no further, this article outlines the current prices of used cars in Owerri, Imo State. Keep scrolling below the table to find out more.

Vehicle TypesEngine Capacity Current Price In Owerri
2014 Lexus RX350 (Black)V6 Engine14.5 Million 
2013 Mercedes-Benz E350 CoupeV6 Engine9.5 Million
2010 Honda PilotV6 Engine10 Million
2011 Lexus ES350V6 Engine6.5 Million
2015 Mercedes ML350V6 Engine14.5 Million
2014 Lexus GX460V8 Engine26 Million
2013 Toyota VenzaV6 Engine10.5 Million
2010 Mercedes C300V6 Engine5.8 Million
2016 Toyota HighlanderV6 Engine16.5 Million
2016 Lexus RX330V6 Engine6.8 Million
2007 Infinity M35V6 Engine4 Million
2005 Lexus ES330V6 Engine4.8 Million
2009 Toyota Corolla SEFour-cylinder 5 Million
2016 Jeep CherokeeV6 Engine9.5 Million
2006 Toyota Sienna XLE4.8 Million
2008 Toyota Camry XLE5 Million
2012 Toyota Highlander XLEV6 Engine15 Million

Prices Of Nigerian-Used Cars In Owerri

2010 Toyota Venza  owerri
2010 Toyota Venza  owerri

Apart from the Tokunbo-used cars, there are other dealerships in Owerri, Imos state where what is sold is specifically Nigerian-used models of cars. Below, you’ll find out how much you’ll get the Nigerian-used models of some cars in Owerri.

Vehicle TypesEngine CapacityCurrent Price In Owerri
2005 Lexus ES330Four-plug Engine3 Million
2013 Lexus RX330 V6 Engine4 Million
2010 Toyota Venza Four-plug Engine6.2 Million
2013 Toyota Spyder Four-plug Engine5.2 Million
2005 Toyota AvalonFour-plug Engine2.2 Million
2003 Toyota MatrixFour-cylinder Engine2.2 Million
2003 Toyota CamryFour-plug Engine2.4 Million
1999 Toyota Camry Four-plug Engine1.5 Million
2003 Lexus RX300 V6 Engine2.3 Million
2003 Toyota Highlander V6 Engine2.8 Million
2004 Lexus RX300V6 Engine2.9 Million
2005 Toyota Highlander V6 Engine3.5 Million
2002 Toyota SiennaFour-plug Engine2 Million 

Why Should You Buy Cars In Owerri?

Toyota Matrix Deals in Nigeria within ₦3 Million and Above
Toyota Matrix Deals in Nigeria within ₦3 Million and Above

If you live in Owerri or anywhere close to Owerri, there’s no need to consider buying cars outside of Owerri. Many affordable cars are sold within Owerri, both new, tokunbo-used, and Nigerian-used. Here are reasons why you should buy cars in Owerri instead:

  • They are closer to you and will save you extra cost
  • The cars are affordable for all models
  • You’ll find a different range of cars you want
  • It is safer to buy from dealers closer to you in case of any complaints


Buying cars from Owerri is the best option when you live within the town or close to the town. The above prices are what you’ll get Tokunbo and Nigerian-used cars in Owerri in 2023.

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