A Honda Civic driver seemed to have some trouble in his hands after he used his Civic to climb a Mercedes Benz that was neatly parked in a parking lot

In a viral video from TikTok, the Civic climbs on top of a Mercedes in a shopping center car park in Sydney, Australia. 

The story behind the failed parking has now come to light in various TikTok videos. 

Parking Gone Wrong
Parking Gone Wrong

According to a TikTok user named, KelzKitch,  she alleges the Honda Civic driver tried to cut her off before hitting the boom gate and rolling her car onto the Mercedes Benz.

Parking Gone Wrong
Parking Gone Wrong

She says, “So this lady driving this car cut me off, tried, and failed.

“We were both heading out of the boom gates, and she tried to cut me off again. And look at what happened to her car. Full went straight through the boom gate and flew straight past me.”

“She was fine, but leave the road rage to hot wheels,” She captioned her video.

Emergency services were called to the scene on Thursday morning, and the driver escaped without injury.

However, the online response to the scene has been interesting. Some people question how the car got on top of the Mercedes, saying, “I honestly don’t understand the physics behind this.”

Others see a different side of the story by saying, “that’s the best karma. You should have driven past and waved,” said one TikTok response.


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Another person said, “someone tell them they still have to pay for parking.”

Another online video showed a woman crying in the background while others tried to make sense of what had just happened. 

A woman behind the camera says, “is someone in the car? Is she okay?…stay away from the car.”

The TikTok poster later explained that the driver was running around screaming and crying while others tried to comfort her.

The only hope for both cars is that the owners both have insurance. 

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