Carrying a fake driver’s license in Nigeria is illicit. As a result of the constant corruption of the public authority parastatals, a few Nigerians are given counterfeit driver’s licenses placing them into trouble whenever they run into law enforcement agencies on the road in Nigeria.

A fake driving license has been an issue in Nigeria, with numerous drivers not being able to check and recognize the difference between an original license and a fake driving license.

In Nigeria, possessing a fake driving license is a criminal offence, and it can also be useless to the carrier. This is so because; a fake driver’s license cannot be tendered as a means of identification anywhere in Nigeria.

Now knowing that most times, a lot of people in Nigeria get issued a fake driver’s license without their knowledge, what do you do to escape such stories? Or what do you do to ensure that you are not caught on the wrong side of the law possessing a fake license?

In today’s article, you will learn how to check an original driver’s license in Nigeria.

How to get an original driver’s license in Nigeria

How to check if your driver’s license is original in Nigeria
Log on to the FRSC Nigeria website at

Obtaining a driver’s license in Nigeria is not as hard as it poses to be. So far as you have the willpower, and need to become a licensed driver in Nigeria, the road becomes pretty much easier from there. Like every country in the world, the first step to getting licensed as a driver is to attend a driving school. Also in Nigeria, obtaining a driver’s license is not free, as you need money to get it out.  So, in this post, I have highlighted the steps on how to obtain a driver’s license in Nigeria. 

  • 1) First and most importantly, you’ll need to go to a driving school. The FRSC in Nigeria has a list of all the certified driving schools in Nigeria. All you need to do is simply check which ones on the list are near you and visit them to book a driving session. Subsequent to going to this driving school for a given span could be weeks or months, contingent upon how quickly you learn, you’ll be given a learner’s permit. This is to show that you are presently acquainted with the traffic rules on Nigerian streets and you can drive. This permit notifies traffic officers that you are in the process of getting a driver’s license, but you are still learning how to drive. It also shows that you are familiar with how to drive on Nigerian roads and that you understand the road signs.
  • 2) Whenever you’ve been given the temporary permit slip, the next is to participate in a test by a VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officer). This test is viable and is intended to guarantee that you truly understood what the driving school was about and you learned everything that was taught. When you pass, you’ll get a certificate of proficiency which you’ll use in applying for a driver’s license in Nigeria. You can either apply on the web or at the Driver’s License Center nearest to you. You’ll pay for it, however.
  • 3) When done, you’ll present your application forms filled with essential data and you’ll get a temporary permit you can use for a very long time, two months. In these two months, you’ll be called by to come and take your original driver’s license. This license is now valid for five years in Nigeria before expiration.
  • 4) Be that as it may, in the event that you truly need your driver’s license soon or if two months have passed by and no report about your permit, you can check the status of your permit utilizing a shortcode for telephones and every Nigerian organization. All you require to do is type “NDL STATUS [your driver’s permit number] ” and send a text message to 33381.

How To Check If Your Driver’s License Is Original In Nigeria

How to get an original driver’s license in Nigeria
How to get an original driver’s license in Nigeria

To check if your driver’s license is originally in Nigeria, all you need to do is follow these simple steps and you are on your way to finding out.

  • 1) Log on to the FRSC Nigeria website at
  • 2) Click on DL Application
  • 3) If your driver’s license is expired, click on “Renewal” from the drop-down.
  • 4) While if it’s still valid, click “Re-issue driver’s license”. 
  • 5) Supply Driver’s License Number and Date of Birth in the dialogue box that opens
  • 6) Click on the search
  • 7) Click Ok from the pop-up box, after confirming the Drivers License number to be correct

If your internet network is not as fast, then you may hold up to certain minutes while it loads to discover data from the FRSC information base about your driver’s license. When you the adequate information regarding the date of birth you gave and the driver’s license number, at that point you will have nothing to stress over. In any case, if nothing appears, it implies your driver’s license is very fake. This is likewise why you should attempt to enter the correct information.

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    Thank you so much for this piece. It’s very informative and educative. Now i know better.

  2. Barka, Mallum Dungus Reply

    Is it easy these way no? Is it fair no? Dead systems. Does it seems they are not aware of the corruption in the process of obtaining drivers license in the same road safety and VIO government offices that one can obtain a driver’s license without even know or starte learning how to drive with #28000 for 3years license? They knew the right thing they just choose not to.

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