The 2023 Toyota Highlander is a fierce competitor of the Ford Explorer. As such, both SUVs are regarded as one of the best-selling midsize SUVs in their category. However, the Highlander has some benefits over the Explorer. And that benefit is the maintenance plan of the vehicle.

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The 2023 Toyota Highlander Has A Complimentary Maintenance Plan

2023 Toyota Highlander
2023 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Vehicles have a much-deserved reputation for lasting many miles and years. And to help ensure this, it’s important to follow its maintenance schedule. The 2023 Toyota Highlander midsize SUV makes this a more affordable option with the maintenance plan.

It has the ToyotaCare for the Highlander, which is good for two years or 25,000 miles, and covers factory-scheduled maintenance for free. This includes oil changes, tire rotations, multipoint inspections, and topping off the fluids. The 2023 Ford Explorer does not offer a complimentary maintenance plan. So, while you can get all these services accessible on the Highlander, you have to cover the cost in Explorer.

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The 2023 Highlander Is More Reliable Than The 2023 Explorer

2023 ford explorer
2023 ford explorer

Apart from the free maintenance, the Highlander is also more reliable than the Explorer because it earned a high reliability mark. Experts like RepairPal gave the Highlander a reliability score of ⅘ while the Explorer gets a ⅗. So, not only do you get free maintenance with the Highlander, but you’ll also pay less for any repairs.

Other Advantages The 2023 Toyota Highlander Has Over The Ford Explorer

In addition to its free maintenance plan and reliability, the 2023 Highlander midsize SUV has some other advantages over the 2023 Explorer. They include:

  • Maneuverable for navigating traffic, parking, and driving through curves and around corners.
  • More efficient with its hybrid powertrain
  • The Highlander Hybrid gets an estimated gas mileage of up to 36 combined mpg, while the fully gas-powered model gets up to 25 combined mpg. 
  • The Highlander has a marginally lower starting price than the Explorer

2023 Toyota Highlander vs 2023 Ford Explorer

The 2023 Toyota Highlander and 2023 Ford Explorer are both popular midsize SUVs with similar features and capabilities. However, there are some key differences between the two models.

2023 Toyota Highlander Vs 2023 Ford Explorer

The Highlander is known for its fuel efficiency, with a standard hybrid powertrain that gets an EPA-estimated 36 mpg in combined city/highway driving. The Explorer, on the other hand, has a standard turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that gets an EPA-estimated 21 mpg in combined city/highway driving.

Both vehicles are spacious, with three rows of seating and plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Both vehicles also offer a range of advanced safety features, such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring.

The Explorer has more engine options than the Highlander, it can be had in either a 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder, a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6, or a hybrid powertrain. The Highlander is only available with a hybrid powertrain.

The Toyota Highlander also has a reputation for reliability, consistently ranking well in consumer reports, while the Ford Explorer has a slightly lower reliability rating.

Overall, the choice between the 2023 Toyota Highlander and 2023 Ford Explorer will depend on your personal preferences and needs. If fuel efficiency and reliability are important to you, the Highlander may be the better choice. If you prioritize power and engine options, the Explorer may be the better choice.


All of these benefits make the Highlander better than the Explorer. However, the complimentary maintenance makes the 2023 Highlander stand out even more than the Explorer.

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