Ola Of Lagos in Shock after Reviewing 2021 Mclaren Elva worth 1.1 billion in Naira that has No Roof, No Window and Windshield

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The 2021 Maclern Elva is an unusual luxury car that only 150 units of it were launched in 2021.  In a video of it on YouTube, Ola Of  Lagos reveals several interesting details about the car that many haven’t heard before now. 

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In the video, one of the first things he points out is the price of the 2021 Maclern Elva which is estimated at around $2 million, which in Naira is 1.1 billion Naira. Just the price alone seems like a ridiculous amount of money to be paid on any car. Comparing its price to some of the other high-class luxury cars in the market, its price could afford up to 3 to 4 2022 luxury cars

2021 Mclaren Elva
2021 Mclaren Elva

Other interesting facts about the car he reviews are;

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  • No window
  • No windshield
  • No roof
  • No outward door handle(only operates with a door button located inside the car.)
  • Has only two seats in front

Aside from its unusual exterior features, the car is built with high-tech features such as;

  • Powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8 Gas 
  • Accelerates from 0-62 MPH in less than 2 seconds 
  • 7 Speed + Reverse Seamless Shift Gearbox (SSG).

Initially, the company planned on making 400 units of the 2021 Maclern Elva but due to limited interest in buyers, it dropped to 250 units and later 150 units.

Although the Mclaren Elva was launched as a single year-only 2021 model of which the 150 units were only built for its customers across the globe, there’s no telling that the purchase of the Mclaren Elva, despite how expensive or unique, is a huge risk even for car collectors.

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