In a recent series of videos that have gone viral on Tiktok, a 21 years old woman identified as Boss Chin proudly shows off a series of cars and businesses she owns. 

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The video includes five different luxury cars(including a BMW), one beautifully furnished house, and four businesses she manages all by herself. 

In a caption, she wrote, “The young ladies like myself who they don’t know to exist in Jamaica, that own real-life assets, not everyone is a dolly.”

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The videos circulating on her Tiktok also include that of her best friend, who is also as successful as her. In another caption, he wrote, 

“me 21, my best friend 22…best feeling when we roll out in our 2 fat rides…even a better feeling because we have the same mindset…two amazing young business women.”

While sharing videos and pictures of her many successes, the young lady also informs the public that all of these have been achieved without any help. Her caption reads, “no rich family, no help from man, just me and God.”

Social media posts of the lady hint that she is a real estate developer and owns a construction company, a tissue company, a cosmetic brand owner and a delivery service business, among other businesses she does. 

According to her, “I started my business with $5000jmd at 17 to 18 just buy selling bathroom mats and grow my business from that to a six Figure company with God🙏

Her posts have stirred several positive reactions, as many have encouraged her. Some comments said, “Love the ambitions your aspirations set a great example for more people to achieve respect that.”

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