Night travel has its own unique thrill and excitement. The majority of people love to travel during the day; but still, a good number of people in Nigeria take pleasure in night travel. This is not always because a bus is not available to their destination during the day; it’s simply a matter of preference.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people prefer night travel.

  1. The road is often free of traffic at night, so the journey is smooth.
  2. Less heat from the sun during night travel. The weather is often cool.
  3. Night travel gets you to your destination during day time. This is essential especially if you are on a long distance travel of about 12 hrs, a night travel might be advisable.
  4. If you may, you can enjoy a sound sleep inside the bus.

Night Bus Price In Nigeria

Night travel has its risks involved, hence it’s advisable to travel with reputable transport organizations for your own safety. Below are the prices of night buses for different transport organizations in Nigeria:

Chisco Transport

Chisco Group Transport Company offers comfortable and affordable travel services to their clients. Their drivers are well-trained and understand the route very well. The night bus prices of Chisco Transport are affordable. Check out the night bus price of Chisco Transport to different locations in Nigeria.

Take off time: 6:00 pm

Abuja (Utako)Lagos (Jibowu)8000
AbiaAbuja Utako6,400
AbiaRivers (Port Harcourt)10,000
this price can go higher during holidays

ABC Transport

ABC Transport Company offers affordable and comfortable road trips to their customers. With ABC Transport Company, you can choose either day travel or night travel.  They have different terminals in different parts of Nigeria, ensure to pick the one closest to you. Below is a take showing the night bus prices of ABC transport for different locations.

Take off time: 5:00 pm

AbujaLagos (Jibowu)10,600
LagosAmuwo (Odofin)7,200
Ijebu OdeAba6,300
Ijebu OdeOwerri6,300
Ijebu OdePort HarcourtFrom 6,800
LokojaLagos, Jibowu7,000
this price can go higher during holidays

Libra Motors Transport

Libra Motors is a licensed transport company with nothing but the best workers who ensure the safety and satisfaction of every customer/passenger irrespective of their age or social class. Libra Motors focuses on the safe and convenient movement of people from state to state with the utmost caution and regard for their lives. Their services through top-notch, are still very affordable, and booking is done online. Below are the prices of night buses with Libra Motors:

EnuguIkotun, Lagos8,600
Delta(warri)Ijebu Ode4,500
Lagos, AjahAnambra7,700
Lagos, IkotunAbia (Aba)6,500
this price can go higher during holidays

PS: These prices are subject to change as determined by Libra Motors.

Peace Mass Transit

Peace Mass Transit is another reputable Transport company in Nigeria providing safe and safe transport services to Nigerians. They travel to different destinations in Nigeria at affordable prices. Below is the price list;

Gwagalada, AbujaLagos9,000
Jibowu, LagosKaduna13,000
Ikorodu, LagosPort Harcourt10,250
this price can go higher during holidays

Possible Risks Involved In Night Travel

Everything in life has its risk as people say often, but then some things are more prone to risk than others. Traveling in the night tends to expose one to more danger compared to day travel, especially considering the present state of things in Nigeria. Potential risks involved in night travel includes;

  • Your personal belongings might be stolen.
  • Murder or death from night fights and arguments.
  • Accidents due to high speed peculiar to drivers during night travel.
  • Kidnapping

Safety Tips For Night Bus Travel

When embarking on a trip via a night bus; ensuring these safety tips will do you a lot of good;

  1. Keep your prized belongings close to you.
  2. Avoid travelling with too much cash. Keep your ATM safe.
  3. Avoid drinking on a night trip so as to be alert.
  4. Don’t overeat so that your stomach doesn’t get upset.
  5. Tell a friend or family about your trip.
  6. Choose a comfortable seating space so that you can get a nap when you need to.
  7. Take some snacks or light food along.
  8. Go with some games or movies to watch so you don’t get bored during the trip.
  9. Don’t forget your drugs if you need one. You could take some pain relieving drugs due to the stress of the long journey.

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