SoftMadeIt Biography, Career, Cars, Net Worth

Nigerian TikToker, SoftMadeIt Biography, Career, Cars & Net Worth
Nigerian TikToker, SoftMadeIt Biography, Career, Cars & Net Worth

SoftMadeIt is a popular Nigerian TikToker, skit maker, and fashion model. Since he started content creation, he has gathered a lot of followers and influence on social media, which he has also been able to monetize. As such, this has placed him as one of the richest TikTokers and content creators in Nigeria today.

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This article shares some interesting facts about the popular social media personality you should know more about.

SoftMadeIt Biography

Full NameJerry Chuks
Known as SoftMadeIt
OccupationSocial media-influenced, brand influencer
Date of birth2nd of August 1996
Net worth$250,000

The social media personality, Soft Made It, goes by the real name of Jerry Chuks. He was born on the 2nd of August 1996 in Festac Lagos. Although popularly known as SoftMadeIt on social media, he also refers to himself as Jay Chuks or God’s Golden Boy.

The popular TikTok creator hails from Imo State, in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Although much is not known about his upbringing, he has a sister named Chito and a rumoured girlfriend, Beauty Goddess.

After his secondary school at Kings College, he proceeded to Babcock University, where he did his University education.

SoftMadeIt Career

SoftMadeIt Career
SoftMadeIt Career

Soft Made It started with dancing at the age of 4. He danced at weddings, and several other events, which he was paid for. Later on, he learned how to play instruments as a teenager. Today, he has worked with several Nigerian artists besides running his social media platforms across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and others.

Some artists he has worked with include; Teni, Gaga, Phyno, and Poco Lee. He met Teni and her manager at Babcock university and later did a dance video with the singer.

Today, he is one of the richest TikTok users in Nigeria, with 4 million followers. Aside from earning through TikTok’s creator fund, he has also bagged several brand deals. Some companies he has worked with include:

  • Tecno Spark 8c
  • Lagos City Polytechnic

SoftMadeIt Cars 

SoftMadeIt Cars
SoftMadeIt Cars

There’s no public knowledge of the cars owned by Soft Made It. However, the rich TikTok creator, with his net worth, can afford a series of luxury cars like;

SoftMadeIt Cars
SoftMadeIt Cars
  • Range Rover 
  • Lexus SUV
  • Mercedes Benz

Above a picture of some cars, he spotted posing next to.

Soft Made It Net Worth

Soft Made It earns money from TikTok content creation, influencer deals, dancing in music videos, and other avenues. Currently, his net worth is valued at $250,000.


In Nigeria today, Soft Made It is one of the highest-earning TikTokers, and his audience continues to grow, putting more money into his pocket.

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