Neymar Houses & Cars: How Rich Is The Footballer Worth?

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It’s impossible to talk about football stars without the mention of Neymar. In fact, Neymar who also goes by the name Neymar jr. is a household name in football. 

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Neymar photo gallery
Neymar photo gallery

Unlike most other players who have been on the field longer, Neymar only started football professionally in 2009 and today, is widely regarded as one of the top best footballers in the world. 

Neymar Jr.’s Early Years

Neymar with mother - Neymar childhood picture
Neymar with mother – Neymar’s childhood picture

The globally recognized player’s birth name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. He was born in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, a shanty town in Brazil on the 5th of February 1992 to Neymar Santos Sr. and Nadine Gonçalves. 

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For a while, Neymar remained an only child until his sister Rafaella Da Silva was born. At age 4, he suffered a fatal accident while visiting relatives with his parents. Although he survived the accident, his father suffered irreparable damage to his hip bone which forced him to drop his football career.

Before the accident, Neymar Sr. was an amateur footballer who played for a Brazilian lowest team. Due to the accident, his father couldn’t continue playing and was forced to look for other income means like mechanics and working as a salesman to provide for the family amidst hardship.

At the age of education, Neymar attended only a local grade school in Lupe Picasso and, due to the financial restraints in his home, he couldn’t attend college and had to focus precisely on his football career.

Neymar Jr.’s Early Career Life

Neymar’s career life
Neymar’s career life

At the age of 11, Neymar stopped attending school and focused solely on football. Encouraged and supported by his parents, Neymar started training as a footballer with his father being his earliest football coach. 

He started off his career by playing for the youth side of Portuguesa Santista at 11. Later that year, his family moved to Santos and Neymar began playing for the Santos FC Youth Academy. His earnings from this football club became his family’s main source of income. At age 15, he had already become the family’s breadwinner. 

Between ages 15 to 17, his monthly salary rose from 10,000 Reais to 125,000. At 17, he signed a professional contract and made his professional debut playing for the Santos FC team on the 7th of March, 2009.

Neymar’s Career In The Football Game

Neymar’s Football life
Neymar’s Football life

After signing with Santos FC, Neymar stayed with the club for a decade before he signed a five-year deal with Barcelona FC on the 27th of May, 2013. 

At some point, he couldn’t spend the five years with Barcelona and had to repay the football club €222 million to release him from the contract earlier than scheduled so he could join Paris Saint-Germain(PSG) where he was contracted to remain until 2022 where he earns €4 million gross per month, making him the highest earner in PSG.

Neymar’s Cars

Like other celebrities on his wavelength, Neymar has acquired a tasteful collection of exotic cars. When it comes to cars, he has a huge list of some of the most expensive cars. These cars include Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin Vulcan, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini.

  1. Ferrari 458 Italia 
Neymar’s  Ferrari 458
Neymar’s Ferrari 458

Neymar owns a Ferrari 458 Italia, a mid-engine sports car produced by Ferrari. The Ferrari 458 replaced the Ferrari 430 and was unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor show. It is powered by a 4.5-L V8 engine which produces 562 BHP and 540 Nm of peak torque. It has a top speed of 210 MPH and the price ranges from $277,400 to $474,980 depending on the trim level.

  1. Maserati Mc12
Neymar’s Maserati Mc12

Among the list of cars Neymar owns is the SuperCar Maserati Mc12 which is a limited production two-seater sports car produced by the Italian car market, Maserati. 

The car gets a 6.0-L V12 engine with 621 HP and 652 Nm of peak torque. The sports car reaches the top speed of 205 MPH. With its luxury touch and style, it sold for $810,000 when it first hit the market which is about $1.5 million in today’s money.

  1. Aston Martin Vulcan 
Neymar’s Aston Martin Vulcan
Neymar’s Aston Martin Vulcan

Neymar also owns the 2-door race car with a 7.0-L aspirate V12 engine that produces 820 HP and 780 NM of peak torque. The SuperCar was designed by Aston Martin’s creative officer Marek Reichman. 

The inspiration behind the car’s design was taken from Aston Martin’s car models such as the Vantage, the DB9, and the One-77. The car is a limited production with only 24 of it produced and prices around $2.3 million.

  1. Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus
Neymar’s Audi R8

Neymar is a proud owner of the German convertible SuperCar Audi R8 which comes with 5.2-L naturally aspirated V10 engine that generates 602 HP and 560 NM of peak torque. 

Over time, new packages have been included in the car such as a Sports Exhaust and a Sport steering wheel. The price ranges from $160,900 to $213,500 depending on the trim.

  1. Porsche Panamera Turbo
Neymar’s Porsche Panamera

Neymar owns one of the coolest sedans in his collection and it’s the Porsche Panamera Turbo which offers 4.0-L V8 engine and is assisted by a 17.9 kWh 382 lithium-ion setup. The car is valued at $179,800.

  1. Lamborghini Veneno
Neymar’s Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini is one of the top expensive cars in the market today and Neymar owns one of them. Lamborghini is an Italian masterpiece that comes with a 6.5-L V12 MPl engine that burns out 552kW of power and 690 NM of peak torque. The car reach a top speed of 355km/h and is the most expensive car amongst Neymar’s collection which is priced at $4.5 million.

Neymar’s House 

As one of the tops paid footballers, aside from cars, Neymar has a collection of the most tasteful houses globally. Some of them include;

Neymar’s Brazil Mansion

Neymar’s Brazil House
Neymar’s Brazil House

In 2021, it was reported that the player had acquired a £2.5 million new mansion in his home country, Brazil. The house comes with seven bedrooms, a squash court, swimming pool, a 20-car garage and a panoramic lift between floors.

Neymar’s Paris House

Neymar’s Paris House

In his collection of houses comes his Paris home. The property has six suites, two floors spread over 1500 m², a jacuzzi, a cinema for 14 guests, a tennis court, 12 bathrooms amongst others and is valued around $20 million.

Neymar’s Beverly Hills House

Neymar’s Beverly Hills House
Neymar’s Beverly Hills House

Neymar also owns a million dollar Beverly Hills mansion which rents out for $7,000 per night.

Neymar’s Net Worth

Neymar is practically among the top 5 richest players globally and as such has amassed a net worth of $200 million as of 2022. 


Aside from his cars and houses, Neymar also owns a yacht worth $8 million and an expensive helicopter. Indeed, the player is one of the top earned and has accumulated a lot of wealth despite his humble beginnings.