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New Cost Of Clearing Toyota car models In Nigeria At Tin Can Island Port, Customs Duties, Levy Payable On Imported Vehicles

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The Nigerian Customs receive duty for the importation of cars and other foreign items, these duties vary by the size, capacity, and year of manufacture of the car. the carrier of your car e.g shipping company will receive their shipping charges, these shipping charges vary only by the weight and size of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs attract higher shipping charges.

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All of these amount to the total Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria.

This post will list the current cost of clearing cars in Nigeria at Tin can port, Cotonou (Seme Border), Apapa Port, and other ports to deliver them to a client in Nigeria. Charges such as Nigerian custom duty charges on imported cars, port charges, and clearing agent charges will also need to be paid for this to be successfully carried out.

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As of last year, the system by which the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) charges for clearing cars changed. Instead of charging according to the year of manufacture, they now charge according to the cost of the car not the year of manufacture

Following the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) increase in the official exchange rate for cargo importation into Nigeria, the Valuation Department of the Nigeria Customs Service at Tin Can Island Port has issued an update to assist importers in determining rates of duty payable on various brands of vehicles and their levies.

Recently, the official exchange rate was increased from N409 per $1 Dollar to N422.3 per Dollar.

The update which was prepared by Valuation SIFAX Bonded Terminal also took into consideration the ex-factory price and VIN Valuation of the vehicles and the NAC Levy.


Type of VehicleYearPrice
TOYOTA COROLLA2000-2013₦299,430
TOYOTA COROLLA2014₦369,642
TOYOTA COROLLA2015₦432,625
TOYOTA COROLLA2016₦505,934
TOYOTA COROLLA2017₦573,000
TOYOTA COROLLA2018₦769,684
TOYOTA COROLLA2019₦899,323
TOYOTA COROLLA2020₦1,110,990
TOYOTA COROLLA2021₦1,509,300
TOYOTA RAV 42000-2013₦408,877
TOYOTA RAV 42014₦504,901
TOYOTA RAV 42015₦590,600
TOYOTA RAV 42016₦690,754
TOYOTA RAV 42017₦808,462
TOYOTA RAV 42018₦1,051,104
TOYOTA RAV 42019₦1,228,697
TOYOTA RAV 42020₦1,517,802
TOYOTA RAV 42021₦2,060,907
TOYOTA VENZA2000-2013₦622,609
TOYOTA VENZA2014₦768,194
TOYOTA VENZA2015₦899,323
TOYOTA CAMRY2000-2013₦346,926
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID2000-2013₦441,918
TOYOTA CAMRY2014₦428,495
TOYOTA CAMRY2015₦500,771
TOYOTA CAMRY2016₦585,438
TOYOTA CAMRY2017₦685,592
TOYOTA CAMRY2018₦891,063
TOYOTA CAMRY2019₦1,041,811
TOYOTA CAMRY2020₦1,286,518
TOYOTA CAMRY2021₦1,747,021
TOYOTA C-HR2018₦862,153
TOYOTA C-HR2019₦1,008,770
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER2000-2013₦545,170
TOYOTA YARIS2000-2013₦204,438
TOYOTA YARIS2015₦295,300
TOYOTA SIENNA2000-2013₦509,031
TOYOTA SIENNA2015₦720,698
TOYOTA SIENNA2017₦986,055
TOYOTA SIENNA2018₦1,281,355
TOYOTA SIENNA2021₦2,513,150
TOYOTA SIENNA2022₦2,824,865
TOYOTA AVALON2000-2013₦565,820
TOYOTA AVALON2014₦697,982
TOYOTA AVALON2015₦816,722
TOYOTA AVALON2016₦956,112
TOYOTA AVALON2018₦1,452,753
TOYOTA AVALON2021₦2,849,680
TOYOTA TACOMA2000-2013₦410,942
TOYOTA TACOMA2015₦592,666
TOYOTA TACOMA (10%)2017₦811,559
TOYOTA TACOMA2018₦1,055,234
TOYOTA TUNDRA2000-2013₦529,682
TOYOTA TUNDRA2014₦653,584
TOYOTA TUNDRA2019₦1,590,078
TOYOTA TUNDRA2021₦2,665,962
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER2000-2013₦609,126
TOYOTA PRADO2020₦3,539,698
TOYOTA PRADO2022₦4,136,888
TOYOTA PRADO TXL2022₦4,193,191
TOYOTA FORTUNER2020₦1,988,630
TOYOTA FORTUNER2022₦3,336,404
TOYOTA COASTER (10%)2019₦1,761,476
TOYOTA COASTER (10%)2020₦1,988,630
TOYOTA HIACE BUS (10%)2020₦1,583,790
TOYOTA HIACE BUS (10%)2022₦1,478,050
TOYOTA HILUX2000-2013₦331,420
TOYOTA HILUX (10%)2016₦545,170
TOYOTA HILUX (10%) DOUBLE CABIN 4WD)2020₦1,189,700
TOYOTA SEQUOIA2015₦1,138,868
TOYOTA TUCSON2000-2013₦371,707
TOYOTA PRIUS2000-2013₦339,699

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Nigeria from the USA?

The cost depends on the method of transport. Here is a table of shipping prices that we offer for port-to-port shipping.

Coupe/HatchbackSedan/WagonSUV/Long Sedan40’hc Full Container LoadTransit Time
Prices to Ship$1070$1080$1150$32003-5 weeks

On top of this, there may be a fee for transporting the vehicle to the port of export. As such, we advise you to find vehicles close to these ports for sale:

  • Ro/Ro Shipping

Galveston, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, Portsmouth, Virginia, Bayonne, New Jersey and Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Container Shipping

Oakland and Long Beach in California, Houston, Texas, Miami, Florida, Savannah, Georgia and Newark, New Jersey.

Your shipment will take less time to transit when sent from an East-Coast port.

Vehicle Duty Rates and Taxes

When importing a vehicle into Nigeria, you will also have to pay the import duty, and a sales tax. This is, however, only based on the price you paid for the vehicle, not the shipping rates. So make sure you are only paying the percentage of your purchase price, and not including any other fees or shipping costs.

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