Washing your car should become a ritual, especially if you drive around a country like Nigeria. With unbarred and damaged roads, wear and tear and incessant car repairs are something you have to worry about, but especially if you want your car to look “sane” on the road, you must ensure that it is washed adequately. That is why we say washing your car should become a ritual. You need to pick it up. 

In Nigeria, most people forgo going to the car wash to get their cars washed; they do it themselves. We understand the economical standpoint of that aspect, but washing your car yourself shouldn’t only be seen as a way to spend less on car expenses; it should be seen as something you know how to do to avoid issues later. Most people don’t know how to wash their cars, and we can say that most people just use any type of detergent and a simple dishrag to wash their cars, enveloping them in water anyhow.

Some even go so far as to wash the engine, which is another story on its own. Like everything that needs to be done, it needs to be done well and thought out well. That is why taking your car to a reputable car wash is something you should think about instead of doing it yourself because they know the things to never do while washing your car. 

Most Affordable Car Washers Within Ikeja, Lagos
Most Affordable Car Washers Within Ikeja, Lagos

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and seen some children and adults begin to wash your car? The next time this happens, we hope that after reading this blog, you will tell them to stop, especially if you notice the signs of what we will be going deeper into. Here are the things you should never do while washing your car:

  • Never Use Any Type Of Detergent 

You would be surprised at the number of things the average Nigerian car owner uses to wash their cars, from hand soaps to dishwashing liquid and even laundry soap—the list goes on and on. We understand why it is being used because you can get most of these soaps for about N200, which is pretty cheap compared to using a good car wash liquid, which can go up to thousands of naira. Nigerians prefer this to spend money on it. Even some car washes make use of these soaps instead of the car wash liquid. But you should never make use of this, as it destroys the paint and body of your car. That is why, most times, your car needs frequent spray painting. These detergents contain strong chemicals that strip your car of body paint. So you need to stop using it, and the next time you are at a car wash, ask them what they use to wash their cars. 

  • Don’t Use Dirty Rags To Wash Your Car

If you think the soaps that Nigerians use to wash their cars are perplexing, then you will be astonished when you find out the kind of wash rags they use. From dirty polo shirts to kitchen napkins, they continue to use these things for years and years. 

Poor car washing practices can cause damage to even the most expensive vehicles. While achieving perfection isn’t always possible, using clean towels after each car wash will increase your chances of success.

The paint on your car should not be touched by washcloths that have touched the ground, your wheels, or even just regular laundry.

The best cleaning tools for dust and particles on your paint are microfiber cloths. They will, regrettably, take up dirt from each surface they touch because of this. So, if your towel has been contaminated, use it to clean the underside of your car or the wheels, but never the paint.

  • Know the time to wash

People believe they can just wash their clothes at any time, especially if the weather is sunny so they would dry faster. People don’t know that leaving their cars to dry naturally is the wrong thing to do. 

Washing your vehicle in the sun or in the heat can cause the cleaning product to dry before you’re able to wash it off. If you do find yourself washing your car in the sun, make sure to work panel by panel to ensure a quality car wash. This will also help you not overuse too much water and keep water spots to a minimum.

If possible, we recommend washing your car early in the morning, before 10 AM, or in the afternoon, after 4 PM. Alternatively, you could wash your vehicle in your garage, carport, or another shaded area.

These suggestions are only the beginning of proper car maintenance, and we’ve already discussed additional techniques to make sure you safely maintain and keep your car body in good condition. There is nothing more rewarding than hand-washing your car and seeing the difference it makes, but doing it correctly can keep your car looking great for longer.

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