In Nigeria, there is a high prevalence of stolen cars. But, aside from car stealing, car parts are another car item targeted by thieves. Indeed, there’s every possibility that a car part you bought at an auto repair market could be stolen. 

Why do people steal car parts? There are so many reasons surrounding these thefts. Car parts are either stolen or resold at cheaper rates. They are stolen because they’re original/scarce, and most thieves steal to fund a lifestyle. 

Unlike car stealing, one cannot easily land into trouble for buying a stolen car part. Why? Because it’s inserted inside the car and cannot be easily detected. Yet, it’s essential to know the most valuable and most stolen car parts to safeguard yours.

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Some Of The Most Valuable Car Parts That Are Targets Of Theft

Car part theft is equally a serious problem. Any functioning vehicle immediately becomes a tempting target for thieves. Car owners don’t only need to worry about losing their cars to thieves. Losing car parts also renders a car useless. 

Here, we highlight some of the valuable car parts that are targets for thieves.

  1. Car Batteries

Car batteries are the fastest and easiest targets for thieves. For petty thieves, always start with car batteries. Why? The stealing process is easy once the car bonnet is lifted. 

There’s a lucrative car battery business in Nigeria—spoilt or functional. Therefore, once stolen, the chance of selling it is high.

  1. Car Windscreen

Sometimes in Nigeria, people always wake up to realize their windscreen is gone. How did it happen? Thieves use screwdrivers and other items to remove a windscreen skillfully. Any stolen car windscreen can be quickly sold because there are always a lot of cars undergoing bodywork. 

  1. Car Stereo 

It has been a quick target for thieves for the longest time. If your car has a detachable stereo, it immediately becomes a tempting target for thieves. Although detachable stereos are phasing out, a thief could still attempt to loosen one and ruin it.

  1. Car Rims & Tyres 

There’s no way losing your car rims and tires won’t affect you; they are needed to move your car. Why are they valuable to thieves? They are easily stolen and worth so much when resold. 

  1. Catalytic Converters 

Seasoned car part thieves always target the catalytic converter. It is found inside the exhaust system, and it helps to convert harmful exhaust compounds into harmless ones. Why do they target these catalytic converters? It contains precious metals such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum and fetches good money.

  1. Car Headlight 

There are certain car parts you’d least be stolen. Car headlights are one of them. But, there’s no limit to what can be stolen from a car and resold once a thief is desperate. Although they don’t fetch a lot of money, to car part thieves, what determines value is if it is sellable.

How I Prevent Car Parts Theft?

Bear in mind that you cannot wholly avoid car theft. Thieves are always plotting and would steal any chance to get any car part. But, what you can do is limit the chances of losing your car parts to thieves. 

Here are preventive tips to follow;

  1. Lock Your Car Bonnet: New model cars come with central locks that prevent car batteries from being stolen. If your car does not have a central lock, you can install one to safeguard your battery.
  2. Encrypt Your Car Plate Number On Your Windscreen: Several times, thieves have failed to resell a stolen windscreen because it has a car plate number written on it. These numbers are written with a metal that cannot be easily wiped.
  3. Avoid Parking Cars Outside: Parking your car outside increases the chances of car part theft. Use your car park or park your cars in areas with adequate security.
  4. Install Car Security Systems: Thieves have often tried and failed to loosen car parts because the car security system raised the alarm. A car security system protects both your car and car parts.


Car part theft cannot be controlled entirely. But, learning about the parts mostly stolen and knowing how to prevent theft helps you safeguard your car. offers various car services that’ll help you prevent car theft.

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