Most Purchased Cars – Time has passed by us so quickly this year and it’s almost come to an end. A lot of companies are rounding up sales for the year already and are making reports of their sales for the year. And out of those reports, I bring you a list of the most purchased cars this year. See it as my Christmas gift to you.

This list was extracted from focus2move statistics. It is a list of cars that were bought brand new, not Tokunbo or Nigerian-used. I would do a list for the most purchased tokunbo and Nigeria Used cars but there aren’t any recognized report gathering bodies for these sales categories. So we would have to make do with the world statistics.

Without beating around the bush, here’s a list of the most purchased cars so far in 2019, my Christmas edition.

#5. Honda CR-V – Just more than 671,000 units sold this year alone

2021 Honda HR-V
2021 Honda HR-V

The first of the crossover SUV was first produced from the factories of Honda in 1995. It is built upon the Honda Civic platform, with an SUV design. This mid-size SUV fits just in between the smaller Honda HR-V and Honda Passport in size

The “CR-V” stands for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle”, and true to its name, the SUV is very comfortable. From 1995 till now, five different generations of the CR-V have been rolled out. The first generation, 1995 – 2001, had 2.0 L engines. It was also available in the 5 speed AWD/FWD manual transmissions, as well as 4-speed automatic transmissions.

The most recent generation, the 5th generation, commenced in 2017 and is what is currently in vogue. It has different engine options, ranging from 2.4 L K24W I4 engine to 1.6 L N16 i-DTEC I4 engine. This generation has a massive 9-speed ZF automatic transmission.

#4. Honda Civic – Just more than 697,000 units sold this year alone

2021 Honda Civic
2021 Honda Civic

This is another Honda product that has come a long way. It used to be a subcompact vehicle. But over the ten generations of its production, it has now fully made the transition into the compact car segment.

The most recent generation of the model, the 10th generation, started in 2015. It features a fastback exterior and an enticing interior. The dashboard is designed with completely digital “-odometers” and a 7 inch LCD screen.

Honda Civic exists in different variants to satisfy the various preferences of users. First, we have the coupe, then the sedan, the 5- door hatchback, Type R models and the SI trims. According to Honda themselves, the SI trim could eat up 60 mph in just 7 seconds, although other reliable car testers have found out that it could actually do better.

Check out the prices of Honda cars for sale in Nigeria here.

#3. Toyota Rav 4 – Just more than 671,000 units sold this year alone 768,000

2020 Toyota Rav4 price in Nigeria Reviews and Buying Guide
2020 Toyota Rav4 price in Nigeria Reviews and Buying Guide

Toyota RAV4 is another compact crossover SUV that is currently trending all around now. Manufactured from the factories of the popular Japanese automobile manufacturer, Toyota, it was the first ever crossover SUV to be manufactured. And if this SUV is still among the best sellers in 2019, 25 years after it made its debut, then you should know that there’s something spectacular about the SUV.

Toyota RAV4 strikes the perfect balance between satisfying the needs of both the SUV and the compact vehicles. SUVs are often needed for their enormous cargo space and high visibility, while compact cars are often fuel-efficient. And needless to say, RAV4 does justice to all these.

Toyota RAV4 is currently in its 5th generation of production and is produced in 5 variants; XLE and XLE Premium, LE, Adventure models and Limited models.

You can check out the prices of Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria here.

#2. Ford F-Series – Just more than 875,000 units sold this year alone

2020 Ford F-150
2020 Ford F-150

Welcome to the world of trucks, ruled by the Ford F-Series. Ford Motor Company has come really far since they started the commercial production of the F-Series back in 1948. These trucks are good for light and medium-duty work. In the  F-Series alone, there are full-size pickup trucks, commercial vehicles, and chassis cab trucks.

Of all the vehicle models that fall under the F-Series, the most popular to date is the F-150 pickup truck, which is in its 13th generation of production. This generation started in 2015.

To make the F-150 increase drastically in fuel efficiency, the total weight of the pickup truck was reduced by a massive 750 pounds. This was achieved by replacing all the steel panels with the exception of the firewall, with aluminium. To make things more interesting, this has not in any way reduced the durability of the pickup truck.

You can check out the prices of Ford cars for sale in Nigeria here.

#1. Toyota Corolla – Over 1 million units sold this year alone

Toyota Corolla

This is probably not a surprise. Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in the whole world right now. It has been frequenting the top of the list of the best selling cars in the world since 1974, just 8 years after it was first manufactured. By 2016, Toyota had sold 44 million Toyota Corolla units all across the world. In addition, the vehicle has gone through 12 generations of production and it still easily retains its monopoly over compact and subcompact cars. Also read 2021 Toyota Corolla Pricing, Pictures, And Release Date

You can check out the prices of Toyota Corolla for sale in Nigeria here.

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