Ghana is a country running the unitary constitutional democracy system of government. Over the years, the economy of Ghana has continued to grow and prosper. Ghana is located along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa.

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Owing to its rising economy, the different sectors in the country have continued to also rise and get better with time. A sector that has over the years changed owing to the economic progression of the country is the Automobile sector. The automobile sector in Ghana today has become very lucrative that many Ghanaians now own cars, thanks to the financial scheme provided by banks to accommodate financial loans for individuals, especially car loans.

Apart from the flexible financial schemes provided by the banks in Ghana, the growing economy in the country has made provisions for workers in Ghana to earn more than what they have been used to. As a result of this, many people can now afford cars that fit into their budgets without breaking the bank by taking outrageous loans.

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In Ghana, some of the factors that are deemed important when purchasing a car are the cost of the car, the brand of the car, cost of maintenance, fuel efficiency and consumption rate, availability of spare parts, and resale value. All of these factors are taken into consideration before buying a car.

If you are a Ghanaian or you live in Ghana, and you are considering buying a car, one that serves its purpose, stick around and get to the end of this article, as I introduce the top 10 most popular cars in Ghana.

Toyota Corolla:

toyota corolla 2021 in Nigeria
Toyota Corolla 2021 in Nigeria

Coming first on this list is the Toyota Corolla, also widely popular in Nigeria. Older models of this car were most popular on the streets of Ghana, but thanks to the rising economy of the country, Ghanaians now adorn their streets with the latest models of this Toyota brand. What makes this car a steal are its engine type- 1.8-4 cylinder engine that moves at a 132hp, some additional features like electronic stability control, child safety locks, folding rear seat, side curtain airbags, with its estimated MPG at 26 cities and 35 on the highway.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10
Hyundai i10

This brand of Hyundai came into the market to replace the Hyundai Atos and was developed due to the increasing demand for sub-compact cars. The Hyundai i10 has integrated clear lens fog lamps, large gaping air dam, rear windows, interior space, 1.1 litres 65 bhp (48 Kw; 66 PS) Irde ENGINE, 1.1 litre three-cylinder diesel CRDi variant, air conditioning system, audio system, foldable rear seats, electric front windows and other features.

This car is most popular in Ghana because of its sub-compact design, which also reduces its maintenance costs, space and varying engine type. It is small in size and can easily manipulate traffic-congested environments in Ghana.

Toyota Camry:

2021 Toyota Camry

This brand of Toyota just like the Toyota Corolla is also popular in Ghana because of its ability to efficiently manage fuel and other accrued features. Owing to its modern-looking designs, the Toyota Camry remains a favourite of many car drivers in Ghana.

This brand has child safety locks, brake assist, traction control, electronic stability control, 4-wheel ABS, varying engine sizes like 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine and the 3.5 litre v-6 engine and some other exciting features.

Toyota Land cruiser:

Toyota Prado Landcruiser
Toyota Land cruiser:

Ghanaian roads can sometimes be as tough as Nigerian roads and in most cases are not built for the faint-hearted. For this reason, many people in Ghana want Sport Utility Vehicle cars, which are rugged and reliable. It has 5.7 –litre 8-cylinder engines, with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Some of its features are keyless ignition, front fog driving lights, engine immobilizer, electronic brake force distribution, and emergency brake assists among other great features.

Hyundai Accent:

2020 Hyundai Accent front-view
2020 Hyundai Accent front-view

This front-wheel drive is a small compact car for small families and unmarried persons. Its engines- 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, are bigger than the Hyundai i10. This Hyundai brand is relatively cheap to maintain has a low fuel consumption rate and its spare parts are widely available.

Toyota Altezza:

Also known as the Lexus IS, the Toyota Altezza is a 4-door compact executive car with a front-engine all-wheel drive that has an eight-speed gearbox, 241-hp 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Altezza is an Italian name for Highness, but the name was dropped and renamed the Lexus. It is a popular car in Ghana because of its low fuel consumption rate, and affordability.

Toyota Hilux:

2021 toyota hilux
2021 Toyota Hilux

This is a series of pickup trucks that is popular in Ghana for its affordability and ruggedness. As much as Ghanaians like compact vehicles, they also like trucks that can help them easily with their day-to-day activities. With a pickup truck, comfortability is achieved and can accommodate any size of family or goods.

Nissan Sunny:

Nissan Sunny 2020
Nissan Sunny:

The Nissan Sunny is a 5-seater compact automobile widely popular in Ghana for its strength, compact size and affordability. Its features are an air conditioning system, driver airbag, passenger airbag, anti-lock braking system, power steering, automatic climate control, and front fog lights. It has a diesel engine of 1461 cc, while the petrol engine is 1498 cc, and depending on its model, it has a mileage of 16.95 to 22.71 kmpl.

Toyota Probox:


This economy-friendly van is mostly suited for business persons with its developed functionalities like its 1.3 litre- 1NR-FE engine, and Super CVT-I system which economizes fuel in the best way. This car is spacious, comfortable, eco-friendly, rugged and everything a thriving business person would need in a country like Ghana.

Suzuki Swift:

Suzuki swift

The Suzuki Swift is a 5-seater hatchback vehicle that has a length of 3480 mm, a width of 1735 mm, and a wheelbase of 2450 mm. It also has a manual and automatic transmission and has a mileage of 21.21 km depending on its model. Some of the key features that make it a popular choice car in Ghana are the air conditioning system, diver airbag, passenger airbag, anti-lock braking system, and so much more.

The most popular types of cars in Ghana are of the Toyota brand and preference differs from one individual to another. As stated in the earlier part, there are some key factors Ghanaians consider when buying cars and the primary ones are: price, fuel consumption rate, and maintenance.

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