Honda cars are among the most popular vehicles in Nigeria today. It’s impossible not to know the Honda car brand in Nigeria, considering they are found on Nigerian roads daily. In fact, the Honda vehicles are a direct competition of the Toyota vehicles. The Honda is always the likeliest option when you can’t get the Toyota.

Now, with the increase in car prices in Nigeria, many don’t have much clue about the current prices of some vehicles in Nigeria, especially older ones. However, this article is a comprehensive list of the prices of some of the most affordable Honda cars and how much they are currently sold in Nigeria. Keep reading below to find out.

How Much Is A Honda Vehicle In Nigeria In 2023?

2005 Honda Pilot
2005 Honda Pilot

Are you curious how much you’ll find a clean or neatly used Honda vehicle today? Below is a list of some Honda vehicles and how much you’ll get at a car dealership in Nigeria today.

Honda VehiclesEngine SpecificationCurrent Nigerian Price
2005 Honda PilotV6 Engine 4WD3.8 Million Naira
2012 Honda PilotV6 Engine 4WD8 Million Naira
2012 Honda Pilot (full option)V6 Engine 4WD8.5 Million Naira
2010 Honda Pilot V6 Engine 4WD7.5 Million Naira
2006 Honda PilotV6 Engine 4WD5 Million Naira
2006 Honda Pilot (Silver Color)V6 Engine 4WD5 Million Naira
2006 Honda Pilot (Grey Color)V6 Engine 4WD5 Million Naira
2008 Honda OdysseyV6 Engine4.2 Million Naira
2012 Honda Pilot (Brown Color)V6 Engine 4WD8.5 Million Naira

Should I Buy The Honda Vehicle Or Toyota Vehicle?

2008 Honda Odyssey
2008 Honda Odyssey

Many Nigerian are often confused about whether to get the Honda or the Toyota. The reality is that they have slight differences even though they are similar and are in the same category. Here are things to consider if you want to buy a Honda vehicle.

  • Is the Toyota version of the Honda cheap or more expensive?
  • Will the Honda model give me ⅔ or more of what the Toyota model will give me?
  • How much is the Honda model?
  • Is it a good alternative to Toyota?
  • How durable is the Honda model?
  • Can it last as long as the Toyota model?
  • Do I have enough for the Honda or Toyota?


These are some of the prices of some Honda vehicles, especially the Honda Pilot vehicles. To find out more about the price list of the Honda vehicles, check out the Carmart website for more information on the prices you can get these vehicles.

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