Car dealers and car manufacturers are always interested in promoting the latest and finest cars in stock. While this is a marketing strategy to push their new products forward, the result is that these cars are quite expensive. When most people cannot afford these cars, they worry relentlessly. But they are not the only cars in the market.

Several affordable cars are not televised. This article shares a breakdown of affordable vehicles you can purchase today for yourself or as a gift. Below is a list of these cars and how much they currently cost.

Prices Of Affordable Cars To Check Out In Nigeria

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5 Best And Affordable 2005-2009 Cars You Should Buy In 2022

Are you looking for cheap and affordable carsTop 5 Cars You Buy Cheap In Lagos State – Affordable Cars in Good Condition you can buy that many people think are expensive. This article shares the price list of affordable cars you can purchase in Nigeria today.

Affordable Car ModelsEngine CapacityCurrent Price List
2011 Ford FusionFour-Plug Engine5.5 Million 
2021 Toyota Highlander V6 Engine43 Million 
2018 Lincoln 2.3TV6 Engine23 Million 
2015 Chrysler 200Four-cylinder Engine9.5 Million 
2021 Kia K5Four-cylinder Engine21 Million 
2012 Toyota Camry XLEFour-cylinder Engine7 Million 
2016 Toyota Sienna XLEV6 Engine15.5 Million 
2013 Toyota Sienna XLEV6 Engine9 Million 
2011 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 4maticV6 Engine11 Million 
2010 Mercedes-Benz GLKV6 Engine10 Million 
2014 Toyota Corolla SEV6 Engine8 Million 
2009 Toyota Corolla LEFour-cylinder Engine5.2 Million 
2006 Lexus RX 350V6 Engine6.5 Million 
2013 Toyota Highlander LEV6 Engine12 Million 
2013 Toyota Avalon XLEV6 Engine9.5 Million 
2011 Lexus ES350 V6 Engine7.5 Million 
2011 Hyundai Sonata 5.5 Million 
2013 Toyota Corolla XLEFour-cylinder Engine6.5 Million 

Factors That Determine The Price Of Used Cars In Nigeria

Many Nigerians get confused when a used 2013 Toyota Corolla is sold for 5 million and, another seller is selling that same Corolla model for 7 million. In most cases, the seller is not trying to dupe rather. There are reasons why you could see a used 2013 Toyota Corolla have different prices in different dealerships. Here are the reasons:

  1. Accident-Free

Accident-free used cars are more expensive than other used cars of that same model. Accident-free used cars are vehicles that had not been involved in any accident before they were sold. So, their prices will be higher than some accident-damaged cars of that same model.

  1. Vehicle Trim Level

The prices of a used 2013 Toyota Corolla LE and a used 2013 Toyota Corolla XLE are different. The XLE model, although used, still has a slightly higher price than the LE. The difference could be ₦100,000 – ₦500,000 thousand in most cases.

  1. Nigerian or Tokunbo Used

The price of a Nigerian used 2013 Toyota Corolla, and the price of a Tokunbo used 2013 Toyota Corolla are not the same. The price of the Tokunbo version will be higher. The reason is that the condition of use of Tokunbo cars is better than Nigerian cars, and the dealers also paid import duties for the vehicle.


The above list is the price of some of the used cars you’ll find in Nigeria. The interesting thing about these cars is that for most of them, you don’t get to hear their names mention on traditional media sites like Television.

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