Transport business in Nigeria is a hot cake, and a cool way to make smart cash. With a population of over 200 million people in Nigeria, the majority of this number use public transport to move from one place to another. In Nigeria, minibuses represent a popular means of transport, and thus, it is commonly used in the transport business. The major advantage minibuses have over cars is that they are able to convey more people than cars- and this subsequently results in more money made. Minibuses are also best suited for intrastate travel and are less expensive to purchase, unlike bigger buses.

Statistics have shown that about 60% of vehicles that ply the roads in Nigeria are commercial cars which means there’s a great opportunity for anyone willing to venture into this type of business. It won’t be a bad choice for you if you want to venture into the transport business in Nigeria. There is definitely enough room for you to thrive as customers are readily available. When going into the transport business, you need to pay attention to the kind of minibuses you will use.

This is because choosing the right minibus will ensure that your passengers enjoy a comfortable ride while also putting their minds at rest.

The right minibus will also ensure that you don’t buy a minibus that consumes too much fuel or whose spare parts are not available in Nigeria. This article on provides a list of the best minibuses to use for transport business in Nigeria.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna 2020

Toyota Sienna for sale – Toyota first produced this brand in 1997, and it has since then gained a lot of accolades in sales and awards all over the world. The appreciation Nigerians show for this minivan is obvious in how they purchase it a lot. And as a matter of fact, it could be said that it deserves the attention Nigerians have given to it. It is the perfect minivan for the average Nigerian. It is big enough to convey a lot of people at once, thereby making it a classy mass transit vehicle and also a nice choice for a family vehicle.

Prices of Toyota Sienna

The tokunbo auto market is a popular one in Nigeria, mainly because buying a tokunbo car costs less than buying a brand-new car.

Model YearPrice Range
Toyota Sienna 1999N1.2 million – N1.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2000N1.2 million – N1.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2001N1.2 million – N1.6 million
Toyota Sienna 2002N1.3 million – N1.6 million
Toyota Sienna 2003N1.7 million – N2.3 million
Toyota Sienna 2004N1.7 million – N2.3 million
Toyota Sienna 2005N1.8 million – N2.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2006N1.8 million – N2.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2007N2.4 million – N3.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2008N2.4 million – N3.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2009N3.4 million – N5.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2010N3.4 million – N5.5 million
Toyota Sienna 2011N3.4 million – N5.6 million
Toyota Sienna 2012N5 million – N8 million
Toyota Sienna 2013N5 million – N8 million
Toyota Sienna 2014N6 million – N11 million
Toyota Sienna 2015N6 million – N11 million

Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus

Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus
Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus

The Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus is one of the most commonly seen buses that often ply Nigerian roads. It is affordable for many Nigerians to buy and own. In addition, the seats are comfortable and spacious hence ensuring your passengers enjoy riding in your minibus. It is also a durable fuel-efficient vehicle that comes with a diverse array of colours depending on your taste.

You can purchase your Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus directly from dealers located in Lagos at an affordable price. However, the cost will vary depending on the transmission (manual and automatic).

You can easily find this bus in either Nigerian or Tokunbo models.

Daihatsu Hijet Mini Bus price

Car model Price Range
Daihatsu Hijet 2004₦650,000 – ₦800,000
Daihatsu Hijet 2009₦800,000 – ₦1million
Daihatsu Hijet 2012₦1million – ₦1.5million

Suzuki Minibus

Suzuki Mini Bus Price - Where To Buy in Nigeria
Suzuki Mini Bus Price – Where To Buy in Nigeria

The Suzuki Minibus is very popular on Nigerian roads. It can easily be found for sale in big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan. The Tokunbo types are more easily found for sale compared to brand-new ones.

Popular Suzuki Minibus for sale are:

Suzuki minibus prices in Nigeria

Car model Price Range
Suzuki Every 2003₦1,200,000 – ₦ 2.1million
Suzuki Every 2005₦1, 350,000 – ₦ 2 million
Suzuki Every 2007₦1.9million – ₦ 2.5million
Suzuki Every 2013₦2.5million – ₦ 3.3 million

Nissan Minibus

Nissan Minibus is spacious and convenient to ride. Enough headroom and legroom are available for every passenger so that they don’t feel cramped. The cargo space is large enough to contain the baggage and luggage of passengers.

It is widely available for sale in both Tokunbo and Nigeria-used models.

Nissan Minibus price

Car model Price Range
Nissan Urvan 1995₦1,200,000 – ₦1,900,000
Nissan Vanette 2003₦2.8million – ₦3.9million
Nissan Caravan 2010₦3.8million – ₦4.5 million
 Nissan Urvan 2015₦20 million – ₦25 million

Piaggio Mini Bus

Piaggio Mini Bus
Piaggio Mini Bus

Although not widely known in Nigeria, the Piaggio Minibus produced by the Italian motor manufacturer Piaggio is also a good and reliable minibus anyone can use for transport business in Nigeria. Piaggio minibus configurations provide enough headroom including space for cargo which is an advantage that will enable your passengers to enjoy riding in your minibus.

Piaggio Mini Bus Price

Car model Price Range
Piaggio Porter bus₦1.3million – 1.9 million
Piaggio Minibus 2007₦1 million – ₦ 2 million

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace for sale – Toyota Hiace is widely used in Nigeria for different purposes. It comes in different variations ranging from the minibus to the minivan and is then configured for use as an ambulance. Though slightly expensive, it’s good value for money. When you buy the Toyota Hiace Minibus, you get to enjoy features like top-notch facelift upgrades, exquisite interior, and attractive exterior.

Toyota is known for producing durable and fuel-efficient vehicles, and the Toyota Hiace Mini Bus is no different. It comes equipped with manual or automatic transmission depending on your choice and your budget. With a Toyota Hiace Minibus, both you as the bus owner and the passengers will enjoy an efficient, convenient and comfortable ride.

For transport business in Nigeria, Tokunbo Toyota Hiace Minibus is commonly used. Below are the prices of the common Tokunbo Hiace Mini Bus available for sale in Nigeria;

Car model Price Range
Toyota Hiace 2002₦3 million – ₦5 million
Toyota Hiace 2006₦6 million – ₦8 million
Toyota Hiace 2015₦11 million – ₦20 million

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