Meet the Mercedes Concept EQG and as you can guess it is an an EV G wagon but unfortunately they did it in the fashion of just taking the existing G wagon and shoving a battery pack intro the frame. The issue with that method is the heavily reduced range on top of the G Wagon being a rolling brick. This concept features loads of exterior illumination from the side to the roof, grill and rear end. Big trucks and high-end SUVs aren’t going away; they’re simply becoming electric. Mercedes revealed that an electric G-Class was in the works even before AMG disclosed its hybrid and EV plans. The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is the first tangible hint of the G Wagon EV to come.

Mercedes Concept EQG
Mercedes Concept EQG

You may credit Arnold Schwarzenegger for the G Wagon’s electric transformation.

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger favours Unimogs, he also likes the G Wagon. What’s the point of bringing this up now? Because, according to Roadshow, when the current-generation G-Class launched in 2018, he pushed Daimler-chairman Benz’s at the time to include the SUV in Mercedes’ EV ambitions. And now, three years later, the Concept EQG represents the realization of that promise.

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is a “near-production study” of the final product from a technical standpoint. As a result, some elements, such as the light-up protection strips on the side panels, may alter. But, in general, this is how the future electric G Wagon will appear. And that look is a combination of the SUV’s characteristic boxy shape and current Mercedes EQ design components. The grille of the EQG, for example, is a black panel with LED lights, similar to the grille on the EQS.

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG keeps the rear-mounted spare tire carrier from the G-Class—sort of. To mirror the shape of wall-mounted home chargers, it’s square rather than circular. And, in some ways, that’s why it’s there. The lockable compartment contains the SUV’s charging cords rather than a spare tire. However, there’s no news on whether the lit strip would be retained in the final product.

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is equipped to go off-road in complete silence.

electric g wagon
electric g wagon

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t divulged how much horsepower, torque, or to range the Concept EQG possesses as of this writing. Given that it’s research rather than a full production preview, this is understandable. The EQG, on the other hand, is said to be equally as capable off-road as the existing G-Class, with the ability to climb 100% gradients. And it’s because of what the electric G Wagon will and won’t share with its gasoline-powered sibling.

Magna’s eBeam demonstrates that vehicles with ladder frames and solid rear axles may be converted to EVs. Along with independent front suspension and 4WD, the Concept EQG shares these features with the contemporary G-Class. According to The Drive, the ladder structure is particularly useful because it provides a convenient location to store the batteries.

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is missing one thing, or rather three things: the G Wagon’s signature three locking differentials. The EQG, on the other hand, features four electric motors, one for each wheel. According to Roadshow, locking differentials are unnecessary because each motor provides instant torque and torque vectoring capability. The SUV does, however, have a transfer case in the form of a shiftable two-speed gearbox. It’s unclear whether there’s a single gearbox or one for each wheel, but MotorTrend assumes the latter.

When will an electric G-Class be available for purchase?

The electric G Wagon does not have an official release date as of this writing. However, Car and Driver predicts that a production-ready version will arrive “within a year.” Mercedes-Benz is expected to share interior images of the Concept EQG before then.

For the time being, the Concept EQG is the best alternative to an electric G-Class. Even if it’s just a whiff, it’s proof that Rivian and the Hummer EV will face off in the electric off-road market.

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